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Effective Blog Titles Emphasize Effects

    Mental Floss Magazine chose a good title, I believe, for its financial planning article: “How These 7 Money Moves Can Affect You Down the Road” What’s good about that title, and what can we blog content writers learn about creating effective titles for our clients’ posts? It contains a numbered list. Lists spatially […]

Blog About How You See Wildlife or Whatever, Not About What You Sell

A Canon commercial on the back cover of an old issue of National Geographic reminded me of a piece of blogging advice that will never grow old: The best blog posts are never about yourself, your company, your services, or your products, but about why you see things the way that you do. There are […]

Blog What Should Have Been in the Box

Talk about an “I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that” concept! I absolutely love the name O’Reilly Media® gave its series of manuals by David Pogue: “The Missing Manual® – the Book that Should Have Been in the Box”. The now-120 book series covers tech for amateurs topics such as iPhone use, Quickbooks, Windows10, Photos for Mac – an almost exhaustive […]

Bloggers and Travel Agents Bring Clarity and Curation

“What stresses people today,” explains Matthew Upchurch, CEO of the Virtuoso luxury travel network, “isn’t the lack of information. It’s not knowing if they are asking the right questions….People don’t go to advisers for information anymore,” Upchurch adds. “They go for clarity and curation; they need someone to distill the abundance of information available to […]

Scoring Goals for the Little Guy

Without the financial means to use a combination of paid search and organic content marketing through blogging and SEO, my clients may be playing the customer acquisition game with fewer pieces than their opponents.  In fact, not being able to afford significant adword purchases (PPC or Pay per Click advertising), my Say It For You […]

Know the Value of Your Pieces

Winning in life involves improving your game. My favorite magazine, Mental Floss, devoted an entire issue earlier this year to advice on winning games. When it comes to the game of chess, Mental Floss presents two pieces of advice from Chessacademy: The most common beginner mistake is simply not being aware of what’s happening on […]

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