I’m Rhoda Israelov, a writer of financial advice columns, travelogues, motivational speeches, and—of course—blogs! Over the years I have written for a wide variety of media and organizations, including the Indianapolis Business Journal, Radius Magazine, Mensa, and Toastmasters. I’ve covered virtually every field of business, and the content I’ve created is used across the United States.

While I am happy writing in any number of formats, my forte is blogging. The marketing experience I gained working in the world of finance has been key to my success as a blogger. I combine the practices that help get a blog noticed by search engines with a fun but compelling style of writing that gets people interested in your business and products.

Creating an exceptional blog isn’t just about search engine optimization (SEO) and writing posts that are enjoyable to readers—it’s also about the individual “voice” of the business. Every new client’s blog has a different tone, personality, and twist that separates it from all the others.

I have help from an expert team of writers. Together, we can create content for any business at a reasonable price. We become part of your marketing team to get the job done right!