5-Question Blogging for Business

“Someone asked me a good question today about my business,” recalls executive man with question on white. Isolated 3D imagecoach Kim Stoneking.  “Fortunately,” he adds “I was prepared with an answer. The request from the prospect was, “Tell me five things that make you different from your competitors.” Because Kim had thought about that question and was prepared with a response, he was able to impress the prospective client. Kim’s challenge to his readers was to come up with that list of five for their own organizations.

I think the challenge posed to us as us business blog content writers goes one step further than that.  Not only must we (or the business owners and practitioners who’ve hired us to tell their stories) be prepared with the response to that 5-differentiator question, we need to offer the response before that question is ever asked!

And, whether the answer is five things or three or ten, online searchers need to learn the “whats” and the “whys”. Just what do you do, just what do you make, just what do you sell that sets you apart from your competitors, and just why would any of those differences matter to this prospect? You might go so far as to say that the essential purpose of a blog is to provide a forum for business owners and practitioners to answer those “what” and “why” questions.

There’s one caveat, though, I teach corporate blog content writers.. While you want to compare your products and services to others’, it must be done in a positive way. Your company blog posts can get the job done with subtlety, using the “Power of We”.  Try sentences beginning with “At _____(your company name), WE offer…………….  WE believe that……..    WE value.  Rather than devaluing other companies’ products and services, stress the positives about you and yours.

Don’t wait for someone to ask you that good question about your business – tell your readers and prospects the things that make you different from your competitors, and do it in a positive way!

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