A Little Book About Dolls – a Big Lesson for Bloggers for Business!

Robyn Johnson’s book The Enchanted Dolls’ House Wedding might easily be used as a manual Edwardian Doll Housein my corporate blogging training sessions.

Each page of this delightful children’s book about Edwardian-era dolls has things for the readers to do and valuable tidbits of information. After opening the ornate cover of the book itself, for example, you find a picture of a cabinet. Opening the paper "doors", you can view all the dolls for sale on the shelves. Then, tucked inside an actual envelope glued to the second page, is the wedding invitation, complete with an RSVP card!

Each page offers historical information couched in a very engaging fashion, and at least one very compelling Call to Action, precisely the two elements corporate blog writing should include!

A flap showing the exterior of a building opens to reveal all the departments of the miniature department store. Tiny flaps reveal pictures of different wedding gifts you might wish to choose for the bride. The door of the elegant four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage opens to reveal the bride inside. You can browse through the wedding album, actually turning the pages to view the photographs.  You can read the postcard the couple sent from the honeymoon trip, and open the thank you note for the gift you sent.

From a "search engine optimization" point of view, as a freelance SEO content writer, my task is first to draw traffic to my clients’ blog site. But that is only the beginning.  For blog writing services to play any significant role in company branding and corporate identity, readers must be satisfied they’ve come to the right place, and then, within seconds, become engaged in the process.

Writing for business in the form of corporate blogs means offering valuable information to readers. But, what I think the important reminder I got from going through the Enchanted Dolls’ House Wedding is that nothing is more engaging than engaging in action. In corporate blogging for business terms, that translates into Calls to Action.

So, whether you’re a business owner advertising and marketing your brand, or using the services of a professional ghost blogger like me, the rule to keep in mind when it comes to your readers is simply this:

Offer them things to read, but there’s nothing like offering them things to DO!

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