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Using Psychology in Blog Marketing

At Say it For You, we’re keenly aware that positioning a client in the market is all about using words and images to carve out a spot for them, over time, in the competitive landscape.  Does continually providing fresh, new content in a company’s or a practice’s marketing blog accomplish differentiation in the mind of […]


In Holding Blog Readers’ Attention, Contrast is Critical

Contrast is critical to holding an audience’s attention, Nancy Duarte advises professional speakers in her book Resonate. To demonstrate that point, Duarte points to California Institute of Technology physics professor Richard Feynman. In teaching, Duarte explains, Feynman moves back and forth between fact (mathematics) and context (history). In blog content writing, with the goal being […]


Unleash the Combined Power of Statistics and Stories in Your Blog

“Every 55 seconds someone in the US develops the disease,” Jason Abady, community engagement manager for the Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Association, let our audience know. In fact, I thought later, Abady had used this one simple but startling statistic to engage his audience. Abady’s presentation confirmed a long-held belief of mine: nothing speaks quite as […]