Author: Rhoda Israelov

26 Mar

Ways to Feed the Blog Content “Monster”

“There are two ways to “feed the content monster”, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick suggest in their book The Art of Social Media: Content creation Content curation (finding other people’s good stuff, summarizing it and showing it) However you’re finding – or ”birthing” your content, the authors tell us, there are dictates to follow: Be valuable. (What happened? What does it mean? How can readers do that?) One way to talk “value”, we teach at […]

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24 Mar

In Business Blogs, Dessert May Come First

“When you sit down for a meal, most people don’t expect to eat dessert first.  And when you sit down with a book, you don’t expect to know the ending before you start reading.” So begins the intro to Sherry Deutschmann’s business book Lunch With Lucy.  Nevertheless, Deutschmann, founder and CEO of Letter Logic, Inc. lets us know upfront – and very precisely – what the central theme of her book is going to be. […]

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19 Mar

What-It-Would-Do-For-You Blog Content Writing

“When asking ‘What do you want?’ you are seeking an answer that is very specific and positive. ‘I don’t want . . ‘” is not something for which you can coach,” explains Laura Poole, author of the book Perfect Phrases for Coaching Employee Performance.   How can that coaching insight apply to the content we create for business owners and professional practitioners to offer their online readers? Some of the areas in which employees often […]

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17 Mar

Blog Hunter-Gatherers Tell Stories to Ignite

Anybody can become a better communicator, a better storyteller, says Carmine Gallo, author of “the Storyteller’s Secret.”.  Tell more personal stories, he advises.  Unfortunately, he laments, most of what we read and hear is 99% facts and 1% story. “I say, turn it around”, Gallo urges.   In the 1960’s, a Canadian anthropologist studying hunter-gatherer Bushmen in the Kalahari desert, a society that had existed in southern Africa for more than 150,000 years, found that  […]

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12 Mar

Let’s Be Designerly in Our Blogging

DORIS Research, I learned in the Indianapolis Business Journal, uses design thinking to organize workplaces. As a blog content writer and trainer, I particularly liked two suggestions DORIS founder Samantha Julka offers for being “more designerly” 1.  “Spend time thinking about people. Think about how they would react or feel about the action you are making or the thing you are creating.” This statement reminds me of a statement I found in a West Bend […]

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