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Rhoda Israelov

Mind Tools for Business Bloggers

As part of our ongoing training for tutors at Ivy Tech, we were to read an article from Mind Tools about dealing with unhappy customers (the idea being to better equip us to handle the occasional unhappy Learning Lab student). It occurred to me that the material was well worth sharing with business blog content […]

Reading Along, Does Your Blog Whiz past?

When Adam Davis of Buzz Feed teaches you grammar, he first shows you a video clip in which some well known TV or movie actor is doing it wrong. She may not have split ends, but when the movie star says “You need to really focus”, that’s an example of a split infinitive.  Sure, when […]

Did That Business Blogger Know What They Were Doing???

Adam Davis of Buzz Feed shows video clips, in each of which a famous movie actor is committing some sort of grammar “crime”. For example, we see Meryl Streep remarking, “That person knew what they were doing.” “’They’ is plural, so unless you’re talking about more than one person, you need to say ‘he’ or […]

Focus 2 Blogging for Business

Focus™2, a career and education planning system for college students that we use with our students at Butler College of Business, talks about three types of people: Helpers People with a social orientation enjoy helping people and are very interested in human relationships. They are often described as patient and idealistic. Persuaders Persuaders like to […]

Good-and-Good Blogging for Business

The six-student presentation at the Hasten Hebrew Academy the other evening was definitely “good and good”. Principal Miriam Gettinger explained why that expression could be used to describe an effective sermon (her husband’s a rabbi).  In fact, I couldn’t help thinking, “good and good” should be the standard of excellence in any communication, perhaps particularly […]

Business Blogging Using Body Language Awareness

Improvement is always possible, was the guiding principle behind the communication system developed by family therapist Virginia Satir. Satir felt that if we became more alert to others’ body language, we would be better able to deal with them and turn conflicts into win-win situations. The Five Positions refer to body language that conveys the […]

Bibi Makes a Point on the Side of Humor in Blogging for Business

Just after I’d posted Monday’s Say It For You blog urging blog content writers to use humor with caution, my friend George shared the following link to what he calls “a truly original ad”.  George was right, I think you’ll agree – the video really got me laughing – and thinking… WAIT!  Before you click, […]

Humor Can Be a Hot Potato in Blogging for Business

“It’s no surprise that using humor in advertising is an effective way to connect with your audience and humanize your brand or company,” observes Jason Miller of Social Media Examiner. “Just because your company is serious doesn’t mean all marketing has to be,” he adds. As a corporate blogging trainer, I must admit I was […]

Practical Plan for Quilters Words for Blog Content Writers as Well

Plan. Shop. Cut. Sew.  These are the four steps in a practical plan McCall gives quilters. Plan. That’s the real secret behind corporate blog writing sustainability. At the very outset of the blogging initiative, define a few basic “leitmotifs” or themes to form the backbone of your writing, including beliefs you hold about your industry […]

Questions Readers Shouldn’t Need to Ask at an Open Blog

“The best way to find out if a school is a good match for your student and your family is to visit the school in person.” Great-Schools.org offers a list of questions to ask at the next open house: Does this school have a particular educational philosophy or mission? For blogs to be effective, they […]

Smaller Targets, Better Hits in Blogging for Business

“No business can be all things to all people. The more narrowly you can define your target market, the better,” according to Entrepreneur. com. “Rather than creating a niche, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of falling into the ‘all over the map’ trap”, ” the authors continue. In fact, they advise, these days the trend […]

Who’s Who Blogging for Business

I think the article “Who’s Who in Your Doctor’s Office” in AARP Magazine is  onto a good thing, using a concept that could be useful for us blog content writers. “Back in the day, there were doctors and nurses,” AARP authors Sarah Barchus and Cady Sagon explain. “Now a plethora of health care professionals may […]

Spam Comment Remedies for Business Blogs

For advice on the issue of the spam comment “attacks” that tend to plague newly created blog pages, I turned to friend Jeremy Politt of the ITeam . Jeremy was kind enough to share some of the following information for the benefit of Say It For You readers: Jeremy starts out by admitting that there […]

Nonsense Comments are Bad News on a Business Blog

For business owners and practitioners newly venturing into blog marketing, it’s becoming downright annoying, to say the least. Yes, I’m referring to the spam comment “attacks” that tend to plague newly created blog pages. Those spam comments appearing on client’s websites appear to fall into three categories (the examples here are real, hard as it […]

Blog Three Times the Potassium of a Banana

Dave Cook, fellow member in one of my early morning business networking groups, was telling us about a nutrition product he represents that’s made out of moringa leaves. Listening to him, I was sure he’s been reading my blog posts about putting statistics into perspective for readers. Moringa leaves, I learned, have 4x the calcium […]

Serving Up Different Varieties of Posts in Your Business Blog

I don’t know about keeping up with the Heinz 57 standard, but business blog posts do come in different varieties. It’s generally a good idea to toggle back and forth among those varieties over time, just to keep repeat visitors engaged (and yourself from getting bored). Rich Brooks of socialmediaexaminer.com certainly concurs.  In fact, Brooks […]

Why Business Owners’ Blogger-Won’t-Sound-Like-Me Excuse Won’t Fly

I liked reading Content Marketing Institute’s article about not getting “spooked” by the thought of using “ghost bloggers”, meaning outsourcing business blog content creation to professional content writers. (Sure, I have skin in that game, but I thought the author fairly represented both the question that might arise and the answer to it.) The concern: […]

They Won’t Know How Good They’ll Feel Until You Blog

The creators of a late-night TV commercial about bankruptcy got two things right, I couldn’t help thinking: The ad gets viewers to visualize themselves enjoying relief at the end of the process: “You won’t know how good you’ll feel until you do”, it promises. When you’re composing business blog content, I tell writers, imagine readers […]

Booth Camp for Business Bloggers

  As a business owner or professional practitioner, you’re always looking for ways to introduce what you have to offer to new customers of the right kind (the kind that have a need for and who will appreciate your services and products).  That’s exactly what having a blog for your company or practice is designed […]

Topping Needs to Be in the Same Category in Your Business Blog

“I only slept three hours last night,” bemoans Alice in a recent Dilbert cartoon. “I used Kung Fu to divert an asteroid that was on a collision course with Earth,” replies the co-worker. ”Topping needs to be in the same category!” says Alice indignantly.   As a reader (and yes, I still read the paper […]

In Business Blog Posts, Go Ahead and Mess With Mister In-Between

People are drawn to articles with negative titles, points out friend and fellow blogger Lorraine Ball. Why? Because, Lorraine answers, they are afraid of doing something wrong. All too often, she observes, writers take the safe, boring route, choosing a headline that sounds like every other headline.  Instead, she advises trying to be bold, which […]

How to De-Clutter Your Big Business Blog Closet

There’s certainly no lack of advice about blogging for a business or professional practice. Wisdom is offered in the terabytes on the topics of starting a blog, writing a blog, illustrating a blog, and promoting a blog. (In short, my Say it for You team is definitely not alone in our mission of helping business […]

What-Can-I-Make-Fresh-For-You-Today Blogging for Business

Amazing, the difference your customers’ first encounter with you will make to your success in business!  And, if that encounter takes place online (as so often proves the case today), the one chance you’ll be given to make a great first impression is going to come through your business blog. I had occasion to think […]

Business Blogs Must Magnetize and Mesmerize Before Monetizing

Magnetizing, then mesmerizing your audience is all about you stepping out of the realm of mediocrity as a speaker or trainer and into the realm of magic, says Callan Rush, the self-dubbed Maven of Motivation. Only after those first two steps are accomplished, she explains, can any speaker monetize his/her business. I was struck by […]

Business Blogs as Tools for Helping

“Journalism students at IUPUI took advantage of the Super Bowl festivities in Indianapolis by working as reporters and social media experts,” reports the IUPUI website. As an executive career mentor at Butler College of Business, of course, I can appreciate the benefit of this “real life, real business” experience the student journalists are receiving.  But […]

Going for a Globe or an Oscar in Your Business Blog?

When it comes to the business of honoring those who toil in filmmaking, the two main rivals are the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars. Susan Woszczyna of USA Today clarifies the differences between the two.   WHO DECIDES? For the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 93 members aim to recognize excellence in […]

In Order to Engage Blog Readers, Avoid Spoon-Feeding

“Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.” I was hearing this phrase for the first time, spoken by a police chief in a news broadcast, but later learned that the saying has been around for decades. As a writer, I’m always fascinated by what makes certain word combinations pack such tremendous power.  […]

How About a Riddle for Your Business Blog?

  One curious thing I’ve found is that blog readers tend to be curious creatures.  In fact, their curiosity factor is highest when they’re learning about themselves.  As a longtime Indianapolis blog content writer, I’ve found that “self-tests” and surveys tend to engage readers and help them relate in a more personal way to information […]

A LASSI Assessment for Business Blogging

Did you know that our ability to learn can be diagnosed? The LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory) is an 80-item assessment based on the theory that success in learning relies on thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs.  What’s the purpose of the assessment? The LASSI, developed at the University of Texas, gives students feedback, so […]

Learning the Business Blogging “Trade”

A saying often credited to author James Bennis goes like this: “Don’t just learn the tricks of the trade – learn the trade.”  In and around Indianapolis, a big hub for blog content writers and IT mavens of every ilk, there’s lots of talk about “tricks” and “tips” for creating engaging content for business blogs.  […]

Good Blogging Behaviors

Amazing, the way Robby Slaughter’s newest book “The Battle for Your Email Inbox” is so applicable to business blog writing! All three of this week’s Say It For You blog posts are based on Slaughter’s email-related advice. No, we cannot change the behavior of others, the author admits, and no, we’re not responsible for other […]

Help Blog Readers See Themselves in the Scenario

This week’s Say It For You blog posts are based on wisdom gained from friend Robby Slaughter’s new book, “The Battle For Your Email Inbox”. “When information is elevated to a scenario, it becomes more obvious what to do with it,” the author explains.  “Matching elements to groupings is fundamental, he adds, so when you […]

So What’s an Idea When It Comes To Blogging for Business?

“So what’s an idea?” asks friend and fellow writer Robby Slaughter in his newest book, “The Battle for Your Email Inbox”. “An idea,” he defines, “is information on which you can act.” As a blogging trainer, I couldn’t help thinking that what Slaughter is saying about email should be a rule of thumb for us […]

Painting Blog Posts With a Narrow Brush

“WISH-TV Channel 8 and WTTV-TV Channel 4 are at the center of the biggest shakeup  the Indianapolis TV market has seen in 35 years,” observes Anthony Schoettle of the Indianapolis Business Journal.  It’s a long story, with IBJ using almost 1 ½ full pages of text to comment on the situation. But for us blog […]

Are You Blogging as a SME or a Thought Leader?

When it comes to blogging for business, positioning ourselves (or our business owner/professional practitioner clients) as  Subject Matter Experts is obviously a worthy goal. We might be able to go one better, though, according to strategist Neen James. Writing in Speaker Magazine, James describes a 90-day action plan for going from expert to thought leader. […]

Blogs are Bricks in Decision-Making Architecture

Financial planners don’t slay dragons. Instead, they do battle with biases. Now retired from my career as a CFP®, I stay interested in behavioral finance, which is using science to move individuals in the direction of better decision-making. In fact, I see my present work as content writer for business blogs as very similar – […]

Hitting the Right Thing With Your Blog Hammer

“The village blacksmith hired an enthusiastic new apprentice willing to work long, hard hours.  He instructed the boy, ‘When I take the horseshoe out of the fire, I’ll lay it on the anvil.  When I nod my head, you hit it with the hammer.’ The apprentice did exactly as he was told, and now he’s […]

Blogging Resolutions for the New Year

Blog writing professionals, listen up! Before you finalize your list of New Year’s resolutions, I’d highly recommend looking over Michele Crouch’s “List of Things Motivational Speakers Won’t Tell You”. Four of those things really stand out for me. 1.  “Never before have we had more power to educate ourselves,” Crouch reminds us. “If you give […]

Three Pieces of Animal Wisdom for Business Bloggers

Take good advice wherever you can find it, is my thought when it comes to good blog content writing. After all, as Charlie Brown’s Snoopy warns us, “There’s no sense in doing a lot of barking if you don’t really have anything to say.” But, really, how can we, over months and years, continue to […]

OPA for Blog Content Writing – C

With gifting on my mind this holiday week, I thought it would be a good time for some re-gifting. After all, if Other People’s Money can be used to take advantage of business opportunities even when we lack the financial resources of our own, why not use the same principle in blog content creation? With that in […]

OPA for Blog Content Writing – B

Even if we lack the financial resources to take advantage of business opportunities, explains Michael Lechter of PowerHomeBiz.com – OPM (using Other People’s Money) makes moving forward possible. This week’s Say It For You Blog posts follow a similar theme, except the resources involve other people’s advice, or OPA. I’m sharing pieces of pieces of […]

OPA for Blog Content Writing – A

It’s a principle used by many to build financial success – OPM. The idea: we’re not limited by our own resources, because we can use Other People’s Money. Even if we lack the financial resources to take advantage of business opportunities, explains Michael Lechter of PowerHomeBiz.com , OPM makes moving forward possible. I like to […]

Blog Wisdom from Roman Times

Trivia are hardly trivial when it comes to triggering business blog content ideas. That’s why, when I find interesting trivia in books, magazines, or ads, I like to share them with you Say It For You blog readers. After all, it’s a hard job continually coming up with fresh content; interesting tidbits of information make […]

Why-Don’t-YOU-Do-It Blog Writing

We’re all used to today’s celebrities, CEOs, and public figures who can’t spare the time to write their own books or speeches, and who hire ghostwriters. As a professional ghost blogger, I’ve become an avid reader on forms and styles of ghost writing.  “Ghosts” are behind everything, I keep learning – from classical and country […]

Nostalgic Blog Wisdom

The “Nostalgia Digest” reminded me of the important role “history” plays in blog content writing for business. The story about Raggedy Ann finally being accepted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2002 called my attention to these toys, and in fact, got me thinking about toys in general. Raggedy Ann creator Johnny Gruelle’s daughter, […]

Blog Writers’ Opening Lines have a Big Job to Do

“The first words of a novel can be enough to set the tone for the whole book,” explain the editors of The Book of Random Oddities. Some of the most famous first lines quoted in the book include: All children, except one, grow up”.  (“Peter and Wendy”) Marley was dead, to begin with.”  (“A Christmas […]

Be a Scholar, Not a Driver, When it Comes to Blog Citations

“Cite” is a verb derived from the Latin citare, meaning to put in motion or summon, explain the editors of The Book of Random Oddities. To cite can mean to quote someone or someone else’s work. It can also mean naming someone in a court summons or giving them a parking ticket.  So, as Random […]

Got a Snowclone for Your Business Blog?

“Snowclones are fill-in-the blank clichés, references or patterns,” explain the editors of The Book of Random Oddities. (A faithful buyer of “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”, I had nevertheless not thought of that brand name as a snowclone.) As a blog content writer, needless to say, I’m constantly on the prowl for expressions that help online […]

Tying In to Other People’s News in Your Own Business Blog – C

Tying into OPN (Other People’s News) is the theme of this week’s Say It For You blog posts. As blog content writers, of course, we can always use new ideas for presenting information to readers about our company, our practice, or our industry. Reading the daily newspaper, I teach, is just one of many strategies […]

Tying In to Other People’s News in Your Own Business Blog – B

You – or your blog content writer – can draw attention to your doings by tying in to OPN (other people’s news), right out of the daily newspaper. This week, in fact, I’m using all three Say It For You posts to take my readers through the exercise of playing off current news and feature […]

Tying In to Other People’s News in Your Own Business Blog – A

Using blog posts to share company news and announcements makes a lot of sense. But, even if, in any given week, you can’t find anything especially newsworthy about your own business or practice, you or your favorite blog content writer can draw attention to your doings by tying in to OPN (other people’s news), right […]

If You Blog “God bless You!” What Are the Chances They’ll Sneeze?

Q: “If you call a random phone number and say ‘God bless you,’ what are the chances that the person who answers just sneezed?” (This is yet another of the absurd hypothetical questions to which author Randall Munroe offers serious scientific answers in “Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions”.) This Thanksgiving week, I’m devoting […]

How Many LEGO Bricks Would it Take to Build a Blog Post?

Q: “How many Lego bricks would it take to build a bridge capable of carrying traffic from London to New York? Have that many Lego bricks been manufactured?” asks Jerry Peterson. (This is another of the absurd hypothetical questions to which author Randall Munroe offers serious scientific answers in “Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical […]

Shooting Blogging Arrows to Shed Light

Q: In the movie “300”, they shoot arrows up into the sky and they seemingly blog out the sun.  Is this possible, and how many arrows would it take?” asks Anna Newell. (This is one of the absurd hypothetical questions to which author Randall Munroe offers serious scientific answers.) A. Longbow archers can fire 8-10 […]

Blog Post Content and Song Lyrics – Sisters Under the Skin

Since, at Say it For You, I lead teams of writers for hire, it’s natural for me to take an interest not only in freelance business blog writing, but in the doings of ghostwriters in other fields. Political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies and magazine articles, as do celebrities of every […]

Seeds for Blog Post Titles or Song Lyrics

“Reading around” the web with song lyrics on my Say It For You mind this week, I discovered the most interesting website out of the UK called The Song Name Generator, promising me that I could write my own song lyrics in less than a minute. The system was based on categories (free style, love […]

Blog Posts and Song Lyrics – the Memorable Ones are Understandable

Lyrics are poems meant to be heard and understood in real time, says lyricist Sean Hartley.  “A song lyric that needs to be studied to be understood has failed. Most lyricists strive to be simple and clear,” he adds, “to express the feelings of the heart and the head in a way that is effortless, […]

Be Sure Blog Posts Have a Bold Start and a Smooth Finish

Radio commercials have a lot to teach us about effective business blogging, I find.  All three of this week’s Say It For You posts are based around drive-time messages I heard recently on WIBC. Today, let’s talk about the debut of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Rainforest Alliance certified™ dark roast coffee. Of course, one very useful function […]

Blog to Broadcast Your Stance Along With Your Brand

If you’re to enjoy any success in content marketing through business blogging, I’m convinced, three things need to happen: Readers perceive you as an expert in your field Searchers see your blog as a go-to source for ongoing information You clearly state a perspective All too often, I find, that third factor isn’t paid the […]

Getting “On the Air” with Business Blog Post Writing

Radio commercials have a lot to tell us about blog content writing, I find. That’s why all three of this week’s Say It For You posts are based around drive-time commercials I heard recently. The “Men’s Health Minute” on WIBC, for example, is itself a sort of blog. One spot is about colon health, another […]

Getting Readers to Ask the Five Whys

Until they can justify the return on investment from building a training program, most companies generally do nothing, observes Eric Ries in his business book “The Lean Startup”.  Instead of going all-out, business owners opt to do nothing. Individual consumers generally make the same “inaction” choice when faced with the overwhelming amount of information available […]

Blog Category Analytics Provide “Pull”

Lean production solves the problem of inventory with a technique called “pull”, explains Eric Ries in his business book “The Lean Startup”. Rather than having the business carry large inventories of many different items, manufacturing and shipping is done on an “as needed” basis. When a unit is used or sold, that creates a “hole” […]

Truths and Trivia for Business Bloggers

I love “reading around and learning around”, as I call it, and advise all blog content writers to do the same. Ideas are all over the place, all of the time, but we’ve got to see and hear those ideas, learning everywhere and from everyone, making connections between our own experience and knowledge and Other […]

Honoring Business Blogger Ghosts on Halloween

In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear in visible form to the living, explains Wikipedia. Of course, with today being October 31st, ghost costumes are the dress of the day at parties and even in the workplace. Here at Say It […]

From Meet to Exceed in Blogging for Business

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations,” observed marketing consultant Roy Hollister Williams. It’s a simple and very hard fact, says Ross Beard in “The Complete Guide to Customer Expectations”. “You need to know who your customers are and what they want.” Nowhere does that principle hold truer, I’d […]

In Blogging for Business, Teaching is the New Selling

“In today’s world, your customers have access to tons of information, they are super busy, and they are overwhelmed,” says Jim Keenan of A SalesGuy.com.  “They want to know that you and your organization can teach them something.  If you can’t, they’re not interested.” Whatever your business or profession, there’s no end to the technical […]

The Great, Off-Track, Course Correction Blogging Template

As in the old adage about skinning cats, there are many different ways the same information can be presented in different business blog posts. In fact, at Say It For You, I’m always on the lookout for different “templates”, not in the sense of platform graphics, but formats for presenting information about any business or professional […]

The Brown Bag Blogging Compromise

Should employees be required to write blog posts? is the question posed by Marcus Sheridon of SalesLion.com. After all, Sheridan points out, one goal of content marketing is to produce as much content as possible, so the more hands are put to the task, the better. And, since content that answers consumers’ questions is the […]

Business Marketing 202: Doing the Who’s Who Right

In blog marketing, I’ve found, getting things right often follows noticing things that are already right, then applying those techniques to our own business needs. Case in point: the “Who’s Who @the Federation” page in the magazine from Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis. In corporate blogging training sessions, I like to stress how important it […]

Business Bloggers Take the SQ3R Initiative

On Mondays, I’ve been serving as a tutor in the Ivy Tech Learning Lab, and just the other day, I found a treasure there I knew I had to share with business blog content writers. That “find” was a little paper-back book called Study Skills Strategies, by Uelaine Lengfeld. On page 2 of the book […]

Blog for Business Without the Expletives

One meaning of the term “expletive” is swear word, and most business content writers, very sensibly, wouldn’t dream of including offensive language in a marketing message. There’s another meaning, however, for the term “expletive”, and while that one’s not nearly as likely to offend readers, Writers’ Digest still advises avoidance. A syntactic expletive is a […]

Advice to the Front in Blogging for Business

“If you buy new tires, put them on the rear side,” begins a truly great blog post by Allstate Insurance. Mind you, I‘ve been a customer of an Allstate competitor for 40+ years, but I know a good business blog post when I read one.         I applaud six important things about Allstate’s “New Tires […]

“Right” Answers Make for Great Business Blog Content Writing

One of the givens for us content writers is that people are online searching for answers to questions they have and for solutions for dilemmas they’re facing. I really believe that blog writing for business will succeed only if two things are apparent to readers, and in the order presented here: 1. It’s clear you […]

It’s All in the Title in Blogging for Business

For novelists, a lot goes into their title.  It’s how they relate to their work-in-progress, their baby, for months to come, observes WritersDigest.com . We blog content writers, of course, aren’t given months to agonize over the title of any one blog post. Still, titles are crucial in capturing the interest of both search engines […]

Questions to Kickstart Your Blog Writing

Often, writers will do interviews to gain background information for an article or a novel, and WritersDigest.com offers a great list of questions to get those interviewees talking. The answers to those questions, I think, make for exactly the kind of content most likely to humanize business blog posts, revealing the real people behind the […]

Business Blogs Can Be Sporks or Foons

There’s more than one important way in which small business owners’ or professional practitioners’ business blogging efforts can have a disproportionately large effect on their marketing results. Blogs, in other words, can be sporks. A spork, you remember (sporks can also be called “foons”) is an eating utensil that combines the scoop of a spoon with […]

A Hopeful Note on the Future of Business Blogs

“What’s the future of blogging?” is the intriguing question posed by Scott Yates of Hubspot. Yates admits he doesn’t know about blogging a hundred years or even twenty years from now, but he’s pretty confident that in the near future, blogging will be more important than ever for businesses.  (“Whew! Glad you said that, was […]

What Makes for High Quality in Business Blogs?

Everyone seems to agree that providing high quality online content in the form of blogs matters. But just what makes for “high quality” when it comes to blogging for business? “A good blog requires persistence and a high frequency,” says Marcus Taylor in socialmediatoday. “Those things aren’t created by tools,” he reminds us. “They’re created […]

Tracking Changes in Blogging for Business

Blogs changed everything – if not in the way we expected, is the UK newsman Daniel Hannan’s intriguing observation. But for us freelance Indiana blog content writers, have things really changed that much over, say the seven and a half years that I’ve been on the business blogging scene? Yes and no, would be my […]

The Ghosts of Business Blogging Past and Present

Changes are happening, have been happening, and will be happening. This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes that have taken place in the world of business blog content writing.  Google has been changing its algorithms as frequently as we change underwear, it seems, and that has meant we’re learning to write with […]

Change Has Got Blog Writers in a Bear Hug

Back in 2005, when blogging for business was a fairly newly new thing, The Businessweek cover story was titled “Blogs Will Change Your Business.” Now, just one week ago, the now Bloomberg Businessweek comments: “Go ahead and bellyache about blogs.  But you cannot afford to close your eyes to them, because they’re simply the most […]

Becoming a Tidbit “Source Spot” for Indianapolis Blog Writers

Desk #95 at the back of the U.S. Senate Chamber is where you find the candy. When George Murphy came to the U.S. Senate in 1965, he brought along his sweet tooth, and, even after he lost his seat five years later, the “Candy Desk” kept going, maintained today by Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois. […]

Using Business Blogs to Tell How and Why

There are two types of big questions, remarks @jessanne, editor of Mental Floss magazine. There’s the really, really big kind, the philosophical questions Plato fretted over, and then the ones we’re driven to Google to find out. These “how?” and “why?” questions are at the very heart of blogging for business. Online searchers arrive at […]

Better Business Blog Posts Emphasize the Positive

“The tape guns are not for customer use!” was the headline on the poster my National Speakers Association colleague Todd Hunt saw in his local UPS store. There was more text on that sign, Hunt reports: “For liability reasons, it is prohibited for customers to use our industrial tape guns.  If you need something taped […]

The Problem With Hero Action Beginnings for Business Blog Posts

Too organized for in medias res type business blog writing (that’s where you intrigue readers by going right to the conflict, then jump back to an earlier, quieter part of the story to deliver the information they need to understand the concepts)? Novelist Cheri Laser has at least three other suggestions for ways to begin […]

Beginning a Business Blog Post In Medias Res

There are four different ways to begin a novel, explains author Cheri Laser, with a less commonly used choice of the four, yet a favorite of hers, being “In Medias Res”, meaning “into the middle of things”. An in medias res novel, Laser adds, introduces the characters and the conflicts at the mid-point or at […]

A Writing Prompt Challenge for Business Bloggers

How do you “ignite your creativity engine” and “fuel your inspiration”? Writers’ Digest advises novelists to use story starters or writing prompts. And while as blog content writers, we aren’t dealing in fiction, at least some of the 52 prompts suggested by Brian Klems and Cris Freese could conceivably pump up the creativity level of […]

Business Blogging Helps Friends See What You Enjoy

“Each year, the largest performing arts conference in the world draws artists from around the globe to New York Midtown Hilton Towers in Manhattan. …you can enjoy the newest ideas in theatre, dance and music,” explains my friend and fellow blogger Thaddeus Rex. “But, please,” he warns, “Don’t plan to eat in the area.”  Why? […]

Don’t Notch the Bedpost in your Business Blog Post – Yet!

“Most branding activities are just well-catalogued brag sheets“, according to marketing speaker Bruce Turkel (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at our National Speakers of Indiana chapter a few months ago). And while these “bedpost notches such as credentials, accomplishments, satisfied clients, etc., may please your grandmother, he says, they don’t interest anyone who’s […]

Bad Business Bloggers of the World, Untie!

By his own description, Richard Lederer is a verbivore.  Fans refer to him as the “poster godfather of good grammar”.  Lederer is able to laugh about common grammar mistakes writers make. Myself, I have a harder time suppressing my anger, particularly when it comes to bad grammar and incorrect spelling sins committed by blog content […]

Try a By-the-Numbers Business Blog Post

The editors of For the Record Magazine (a publication for health professionals) have latched on to a good I page is decorative, with seven 7 numbers (in color) heading up the seven short paragraphs of text. While the basic information in your blog will be served up in work form, visuals add interest.  What’s more […]

One-Tank Templates for Business Blogging

As a member of the Columbia Club, I get to enjoy the club’s monthly magazine. In fact, one article from last month’s issue sparked a great idea that I want to pass along to business blog content writers. The feature “One Tank Destinations” describes three interesting places to visit in Indiana, all of them close […]

“Our Pick” Business Blogging

“Sleek and shapely wins the style race,” begins USA Today’s review of the the new Banana Republic sheath dress collection by designer Roland Mouret. Always intrigued by fashion, preferring simpler silhouettes, I was intrigued by this article from a blog content writer’s viewpoint as well as from that of a would-be wardrobe connoisseur. Here’s why” Reporter […]

Business Blog Readability in the Flesch?

“Readability is a critical yet often-overlooked aspect of writing – particularly online writing,” according to Jeanne Dininni of StraightNorth.com. The idea, of course, is to match your writing to your intended audience. “Some sites target a more educated demographic, some attract a population segment with specialized knowledge or expertise in a particular area, and others,” […]

An Email Tip Business Bloggers Can Use

Anyone involved in corporate blogging for business should read the latest e-newsletter I received from business speaker Todd Hunt.  Funny thing is, in this piece, Hunt’s not directly talking about business – or about blogging.  Instead, in this “Hunt’s Headlines”, he’s offering some tips about email. So what’s the connection? Well, assuming you’ve got readers […]

Help Your Blog Readers Discover Your CTAs

True to its title, Discover Magazine (one of my favorite reads) provided an exercise in “discovery”.  Inserted between the pages, in no fewer than five different spots, were postcards.  Each card offered me the chance to “discover the savings” by signing up for a subscription to the publication. Ever on the alert for marketing concepts […]

Why I Crave Clip Art for Business Blogging

No doubt about it, the words you use to tell the story are the most important part of blogging for business. Where visuals come in, whether they’re in the form of “clip art”, photos, graphs, charts, or even videos, is to add interest and evoke emotion. Personally, in blogging for business, I like clip art.  […]

The Second Hardest Aspect of Business Blogging

The second-hardest part of writing is cutting your own work, says Don Fry in Writer’s Digest “Novel Writing. (What’s the hardest? Deciding what to say and how.) Cutting your own work is no easy task, Fry admits – it’s less like cutting your fingernails and more like cutting off fingers. Still, editing and revising are […]

POV Control for Business Blogs

“If you’ve been writing awhile, you’ve probably heard all the rules. Don’t switch point of view. Or switch only after you leave a few blank lines. Or switch whenever you like, as long as it’s a weekday,” jokes Alicia Rasley in “The Power of Point of View”. Rasley’s message: writers need to choose a POV […]

Taking Sides Against Yourself in Your Business Blog

“Your real life conflicts are full of riches to be mined for your fiction, observes Chitra Benerjee Divkaruni in Writer’s Digest.  You may find, though, Divdaruni points out, that you’re too close to the subject matter of your life’s battles to achieve the objectivity you need. Objectivity is an issue in writing blogs as well. […]

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