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Mind Tools for Business Bloggers

As part of our ongoing training for tutors at Ivy Tech, we were to read an article from Mind Tools about dealing with unhappy customers (the idea being to better equip us to handle the occasional unhappy Learning Lab student). It occurred to me that the material was well worth sharing with business blog content […]


Focus 2 Blogging for Business

Focus™2, a career and education planning system for college students that we use with our students at Butler College of Business, talks about three types of people: Helpers People with a social orientation enjoy helping people and are very interested in human relationships. They are often described as patient and idealistic. Persuaders Persuaders like to […]


Good-and-Good Blogging for Business

The six-student presentation at the Hasten Hebrew Academy the other evening was definitely “good and good”. Principal Miriam Gettinger explained why that expression could be used to describe an effective sermon (her husband’s a rabbi).  In fact, I couldn’t help thinking, “good and good” should be the standard of excellence in any communication, perhaps particularly […]