Becoming One of America’s Toughest Business Bloggers

Syracuse, New York is America’s toughest weather city, according to the Weather Channel. But the reason Syracuse should serve as a shining example for us blog content writers is the tough way the city has chosen to “laugh in Mother Nature’s face”.  How does it do that?  Mental Floss magazine names five ways:

It’s been here before.  
Your marketing blog, I teach business owners and professional practitioners, will succeed only if it’s apparent to readers that you not only understand their needs, but you’ve been there before: You have the experience and technical knowhow to help them with their problems.

It knows things can always get snowier.
Be ready to use damage control. One use of corporate blog content writing is putting your own “spin” on any messages the public might be receiving about your industry – or about you – from competitors or critics.

It uses every weapon at hand.
To sustain our blog content writing over long periods of time without losing reader excitement and engagement, we’ve need to constantly add to our own body of knowledge – in our industry or professional field, and about what’s going on around us in our culture. Learn around and curate.

It’s relentless.
Every business owner knows by now that writing blogs in their area of expertise is a great idea for them, but most can’t take the time to compose and post content on a regular basis. Keeping on task is what makes the system work.

It goes big.
Blogs will have a strong, "opinionated" voice. Whether it's business-to-business blog writing or business-to-consumer blog writing, your blog content needs to “go big”, commenting on over-arching issues that affect your industry or profession.  Be a thought leader.

Syracuse was given a tough ongoing weather report, and the city became America’s toughest. Let’s do the same in the field of blogging for business!   


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