Blog, But First, Find Out What’s Working

"The first mistake that an adviser can make is to come in with a solution before understanding the problem," writes Fred Barstein in Employee Benefit Adviser Magazine.  "Start by asking what is working with the plan," is Barstein’s best advice.

These days, many businesses are lightening up on traditional forms of marketing in favor of reaching out to the online world through "pull marketing". Blogging for business is all
about the new pull marketing, but the traditional principles of planning and strategic analysis still apply.

The standard question I pose to each business owner considering adding a corporate blog to her marketing strategy is, in fact, about what’s working well now. 

Next, I ask "Do you envision blog marketing enhancing what you’re already doing, targeting the same type of customer, or will you use the blog to attract a new segment of your target market?   By what standards will you measure the success of your blog?"

"What’s working NOW with your website?" is the question TopRank online marketing blog recommends as a starting point.  When prospects visit, what type of content are they looking for and where do they click on your website to find it? What CTA (Call To Action) in the blog posts will guide prospects in a direct path to fulfilling their needs, thus converting from prospects to buyers of your products and services?

The bottom line in all this?  Blog – but first, ask what’s working. Then, begin your business blogging strategy with more of the same in mind!


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