Blog Content Writers Doing Less, Better

Aussie Peter Sheahan’s talk at the National Speakers Association Convention was a highlight for me.  In advising professional speakers on ways to drive revenue, Sheahan might have been talking to Indianapolis blog content writers, I thought.

Sheahan’s offers three rules for success:

  • Do less, better.
  • Be buyer-centric.
  • Treat it like a business.

I was sort of listening to Peter from two points of view – as a speaker and as a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer.

Do less better.
Narrow down both opportunities and activities.  Check your business model – how do you intend to make money?  What will and what won’t you sell? Don’t spread your energy. Pick a “channel”, give it all you’ve got, and get rid of the rest," Sheahan cautioned. By trying to “hedge your bets”, appealing to diverse audiences, you risk appealing to none.
Blogging for business is all about focus.  In fact, each blog post needs to have a laser-sharp focus on one central idea. Online readers’ notoriously short attention span is one factor that dictates focus in SEO marketing blogs.

Be buyer-centric.
Do everything with the buyers’ needs in mind, focusing on the desired results of what you have to offer. .”Get in the right category first,” he says.  “Then, align your materials with their specific needs.”

Blog content writers need to “get in the category”, too, as online readers find the blog through organic search, which is search by category. Only then is it possible to engage those readers with the uniquely presented, usable information in the content itself.

Treat it like a business.
For many speakers, Sheahan points out, it’s all about their passion and what they love to do, not about a real need they’ve found in the marketplace.

Smart corporate blog writing must help online searchers feel they’re being addressed as individuals and that the business owners understand their problems and wishes. In other words, potential customers aren’t going to “get it” and transact business with us until we prove we “get” THEM!

Focused, buyer-centric, business-aimed content can help propel professional speakers to the next level.  Needless to say, "the next level" is exactly where all clients who use business blogging services want to be!


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