Blog Content Writers Need Spooks

“Sometimes a planner needs a spook,” begins an article in Financial Planning Magazine.

It felt as if I were reading this feature story with “two pair of eyes”. Not only am I a CFP®  (now retired from practice), but  a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer.  I found the premise of the article very applicable to my work in providing business blogging assistance to Say It For You clients.

The Financial PlanningMagazine article began with a true tale.  One wealth manager, it seems, had saved his small business owner client from the costly mistake of taking on the wrong joint venture partner. That “save” happened because the wealth manager called on a professional investigator “spook” for help.

The moral of the story, according to columnist Ann Marsh, is that every business owner or professional needs a team of advisors. While the financial planner may help assemble that team, no one advisor can have specialized knowledge in all the necessary areas.

Why do I think that story applies to blog content writing in Indianapolis? Well, if you’re a business owner or professional practitioner, your blog is (at least it should be, in my opinion) just one piece of the general strategizing you do with your ‘team” – your web designer, marketing consultant, managers, and employees. And, while we freelance blog writers can often serve as “quarterbacks” and help our clients assemble the team of “spooks”, (Subject Matter Experts in various areas such as Search Engine Optimization, reputation management, public relations, graphic design, and web design, and CRM), our main focus needs to be on content marketing and on writing blogs!

FutureNow's Brendan Regan has something to say about online persuasion that business owners need to hear, at least if they want their business blogs to work. The way Regan puts it, we need to learn "how to optimize a marketing outreach from the driving point to the landing page, and on through to conversion."  

A lot of this involves getting the mechanics right, everything from initially selecting the right key words and phrases, setting up the widgets using the blog platform and website software, choosing the right url addresses and tags, having a clear navigation path from the blog to the website landing pages and shopping cart, all of that. (That's the part in which I, as a blog content provider and teacher am not directly involved, but my work becomes much more effective if a Say It For You business owner client has hired experts to get the setup right from the get-go.)

Yes, sometimes we Indianapolis blog writers need spooks!


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