Blog Content Writers – We’ve “Arrived”!

If you’re reading this post, I bet you thought social media had “arrived” long ago. They hadn’t, but now they have, (now that the SEC has “blessed” Facebook and Twitter and allowed investment information to be disclosed on those sites, that is)..

I must tell you: As a 27-year veteran of the compliance-top-heavy financial planning profession, now a professional ghost blogger and content marketing trainer, I got a giant chuckle out of the Wall Street Journal headline “SEC Embraces Social Media.”

In case any of my Say It For You business blog readers missed the big announcement, “…the Security and Exchange Commission said Tuesday that postingson sites such as Facebook and Twitter are just as good as press releases and company websites, as long as the companies have told investors which outlets they intend to use.”

It was obvious that the SEC watchdog people had happened upon Roger Laing’s new book “Social Media Marketing Made Easy.” Laing defines blogs as “online journals for individuals and businesses.”  “Blogs and bloggers often rival major media companies as sources of information,” Laing adds, much to the delight of all of us Indianapolis business blog writers.

Blogging for business, Laing proclaims, “lets you share knowledge and expertise to boost sales and promote your business, both directly and indirectly.”  What’s more, he explains, the blog allows you to show your value as a commercial partner.

Promoting businesses and professional practices, sharing knowledge and demonstrating value – that’s what we freelance blog content writers are out to do! (Boy, that SEC blessing has us beaming!)

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