Blog New Knowledge on Things They Already Know

brain cogsIf you place a ripe banana next to a green tomato, the tomato will ripen, too, explains Brian McMahon in Mental Floss Magazine.

Interesting facts such as this can always be of business blogging help, but that advice comes with two provisos: 

  1. Your reason for including the fact in your post must be apparent early on in your SEO marketing blog post.
  2. The new information should relate to something with which readers are already familiar.

Of course, as I’m careful to explain in corporate blogging training sessions, freelance blog writers can help clients achieve goals other than search engine optimization. The Say It for You website explains the promotional benefits, credibility benefits, and even training benefits that derive from blogging for business.

If you’ve stuck with me this far into the metaphor about the green tomatoes, you’re a very unusual example of a blog reader; most visitors to a blog are unlikely to keep reading, and the answer to “So what?” must come earlier in the post.

As a professional providing blog writing services, I should have used the very first paragraph of this post to explain that the ethylene gas released by the banana’s ripening affects the tomato.  And the “so what?” In similar fashion, the very fact that a company even has a well-kept blog with lots of fresh content tells people they’re “in the game” and that they care about all aspects of their business.

It’s worth noting that there seems to be a “spillover effect” on the business owners themselves.  The process of planning the blog content (whether you’re doing your own blog content writing or using a blog writing service, is a form of training on talking effectively about your business.

“Green” in terms of online marketing?  Stick around those blogging “bananas”!

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