Blogging For “Business Owners Just Like You”

Business consultant and coach Lois Creamer’s positioning statement™ is an elevator speech with a plus. If you’re at all interested in building your business, says Creamer, you’d better polish up your own positioning statement post haste.

A positioning statement™ promotes you by concept – who you are and what you do – and (here’s where most "60-second commercials" miss the mark) by outcome.

Creamer’s own positioning statement serves as the perfect model:

"I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want
 to book more business and make more money."

In my Say It For You blog posts, I’ve often described blogs as extended elevator speeches.  After hearing Lois Creamer speak, though, I realize that’s not enough. For blogs to be effective, they must more closely resemble positioning statements, clarifying and emphasizing outcomes. At the same time, positioning statements as part of your marketing strategy and tactics development, are SEO friendly, utilizing the key words and phrases that most accurately describe your company branding and your corporate identity.

True, business blogs, being shorter, less formal, and more personal than websites, are the perfect venue to showcase your products, the services you offer, and your unique approach to your field.  Always remember, though – your potential clients and customers are still thinking "So what?  What’s in it for ME?"

"People aren’t concerned about remembering your web address or even your name or brand," says Chris Baggott, CEO of Compendium Blogware.  "Search engines like Google have opened up a wonderful new world for consumers where they simply have to enter their wants, needs, or problems."  And with whom do consumers want to do business? As market research overwhelmingly demonstrates, "People like me", Baggott points out.

Every single blog post gives you a new opportunity to explain what outcomes result from working with you and your company, answering the "so what?" and the "Why you?" even before your target customer formulates those questions.

(How’s this, Lois?) I work with business owners and entrepreneurs just like you who want to attract customers and clients they would otherwise never meet and who want to make more money.  I Say It For You!


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