Blogs Can Help Them See That You See Them!

Attending a trade show for one of her clients, marketing professional Amy Lemen experienced an "Aha!" moment about the "who" and the "how".

Most of the vendors at the show, Lemen realized, demonstrated through their displays and messages that they knew who their target customers were.  In other words, most of the trade show companies were OK on the "who" part.

But only a handful of vendors, she noticed, were OK on the "how", meaning how to let their customers know their business "was specifically focused on meeting their target customers’ unique set of needs."

The Lemen article might have been discussing the key challenge for business bloggers.  Your website content and blog posts can demonstrate that you’re offering all the right products and services your online visitors need. Despite that, you might still be experiencing a very high "bounce rate", meaning that visitors to your blog are thinking to themselves "No, that’s not what I meant!"

Identifying target customers is only half the battle, Lemen points out.  "The other half is appropriately signaling to your target customers that you understand, serve, and are targeting them." One way to accomplish that, she says, is by offering cues that you understand the situations and challenges they face when they’re using your type of product or service.

The more your customers "see" how you understand them and are dedicated to them, the more differentiated and persuasive you become, according to Lemen. As a professional ghost blogger and blog trainer, I couldn’t agree more.  Because of their short, informal, and ongoing conversational style, blogs are actually the perfect vehicle for putting out such targeted "cues" saying "I see you. I really see you!"
You’ve used blogs to win search and you’ve been found.  They’ve seen you. Now it’s your turn to demonstrate to those potential clients that you really see them!

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