Blu-Ray Blogging For Business

Monday following Thanksgiving, a radio talk show host offered listeners a prize if they could name the #1 product purchased in the stores on Black Friday.  The correct answer (alas, not from me!) was Blu-ray high definition disc players.

Later that week, USA Today helped demystify that answer in an article called “10 top discs and questions”. Blu-ray got its name, I learned, from the fact that it uses a blue laser beam to read data from discs, rather than the older-style red lasers used by DVDs.  What’s more, Blu-ray discs hold up to 50 gigabytes, compared to the 10 gigabytes a DVD can hold.

Aside from my own holiday shopping needs for electronics, I found the information in USA Today interesting from my point of view as a business marketer.  (In my work as a professional ghost blogger, I become part of a business’ marketing team, and I’m always on the lookout for ideas that can bring “higher definition” to blog posts.) 

Truth be told, including more “bytes” of information on any one blog post is not a good idea; blogs, by definition, should be concise and focus on one aspect of the business only (see Enuf Is Enuf In Blogs).  But one technical detail about Blu-ray explained in the article is that its video resolution is called 1080p.  The “p” stands for “progressively”, and signifies that the Blu-ray technology constantly (progressively) redraws 1,080 lines across the screen. 

Here’s how that’s highly relevant for blogs: many company blogs include information that could be covered on a traditional website.  What lends blogs their “laser focus”, though, is frequency of posting new content.  In other words, in executing a successful blog strategy, lines of information are “progressively being redrawn” – across searchers’ computer screens!

USA Today remarks that Blu-ray “faces strapped consumers worried about investing in still-pricey players”.  A blog strategy, by contrast, can be started with very little money and lots of “sweat equity”.  That allows a business to begin to attract some of those search engine “blue laser beams”!

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