Business Blogging and the NASCAR Effect

“On the fifth day after a televised NASCAR race, something strange happens: Roads turn into death traps.” West Virginia Institute of Technology professor Guy Vitaglione discovered that watching the race on TV affects drivers subconsciously, causing them to speed.

Can SEO marketing blogs have a similar (but perhaps more beneficial) effect on readers?  As an Indianapolis blogging trainer, you know, I can’t help but think the answer is “Yes”.

Like viewers who tuned their TV’s to the NASCAR race, choosing that channel, online searchers are directed to your particular blog because of their interest in what you do and what you know. The good news for business owners or practitioners is that at least the proclivity to be influenced by your business blog content writing is already there!

So…(not to stretch the point too far), will it take five days for the effect of your corporate blog to kick in?  No researcher I, all I can venture is “Who knows?” But, even if a readers doesn’t respond to your blog’s Call to Action on the spot, continually putting our new content can have the effect of a “drip marketing’ campaign.

In any event, my “curating” Professor Vitaglione’s content can serve to illustrate two points to business owners and their freelance blog content writers:

  • Everything you hear, read, and see can suggest new ways to explain what you’re selling, what you believe, and what you know how to do.  For example, while I’m no raving NASCAR fan, that tidbit in Mental Floss magazine about the five-day delayed reaction of TV viewers caught my interest and helped me formulate thoughts about my own field.
  • The sort of “scouting” for engaging blog content material that has become part of my own daily routine would be impossible, due to time constraints, for most busy business owners and professional practitioners to maintain.  That’s precisely the reason the professional concierge service of blog content writing has gained so much traction on Indianapolis’ online marketing “track”!
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