Business Blogging Can Help You Get To Meet Zig Ziglar At The Top

ArrowDecades ago, just beginning a career in insurance and investments, I had the privilege of hearing the great Zig Ziglar speak about good selling practices. He described selling pots and pans to the nurses at the hospital on New Year’s Eve, right after his wife had borne their first child.  Zig ended the presentation with one of his signature lines.  If we would devote the time to practice good selling habits and product knowledge and if we focused our efforts on achieving our sales goals, he would “see us at the top” !

All these years later, Ziglar’s still traveling the world, motivating people to reach the top in their professions. Today, however, “getting to the top” has another meaning, one that is essential for doing business effectively in our increasingly web-driven world.  Backbone Media Corporation conducted research on 140 companies that advertise on the Internet.  These companies spend a combined $36 million a year on Google Advertising, and the reason they do it is for search engine rankings.  (In other words, they are buying placement through Sponsored Links or Pay-Per-Click arrangements.)

Blogging on the Internet, in contrast to purchasing domain names and sponsored links, by contrast, isn’t “bought”.  Yet effective blogging can translate into the kinds of favorable search engine results that online advertisers seek.  The results in blogging come through a sort of “sweat equity”, meaning consistent, disciplined hard work creating relevant materials and posting them on the Web. While each search engine (along with Google are MSN, Yahoo, and others) has its own “algorithms” for judging the merits of blogs and hence their rankings, there are three primary keys to success.

First, post often – if not daily, then three to four times a week. (If this is out of the question, that’s where a professional ghost blogger comes in!  – visit

Second, keep doing it – the scorecard is cumulative; blogs that have been appearing for longer periods of time rank ahead of “newbies”.

Third, provide relevant content about your topic, using and repeating the search terms people are most likely to use in the effort to get information about your type of product or service.

Not to steal any thunder from the great Ziglar (as if anyone could!), I’ll end by saying that, if you will follow these blogging steps faithfully enough – and long enough – to win customer hearts along with search engine rankings, I will see you – at the top!

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