Business Blogging on Principle and by Choice

There’s a certain six-word motto I keep hearing on the radio, and for some reason I’ve found it really hard to get those six words out of my mind:    “Skilled on principle; union by choice”

(That motto, I learned, belongs to the millwrights' union, a field I know next to nothing about. Still, I found those words very thought-provoking and inspiring. And, since our mission at Say It For You is crafting messages that match service and product providers with buyers, I’m constantly on the alert for examples of powerful word combinations.

The first three words of the millwright motto accomplish exactly what the opening lines of any SEO marketing blog should set out to do. In assuring online readers they’ve come to the right place, it’s crucial to convey that, at this business or practice, we are “skilled on principle”.  In other words, we know how to do, and with excellence, precisely what you need done.  Here at this business, we have precisely the products and services you need, and we’ve chosen to be in this business and no other.

Once that reassurance and connection has been established with the searchers, the blog content writers must continue on to make the “union by choice” point. Just who are the owners of this business or practice and what are the principles by which they’ve chosen to operate?The best website content and the best blogs give readers insight into a company’s core beliefs in addition to information about products and services that company offers.

We provide business blogging assistance, but no matter who’s doing the writing of the business blog content, the end result has to express the brand in terms of the people behind the brand. What have been those people’s choices?

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