Business Blogs Must Magnetize and Mesmerize Before Monetizing

Magnetizing, then mesmerizing your audience is all about you stepping out of old fashioned magicthe realm of mediocrity as a speaker or trainer and into the realm of magic, says Callan Rush, the self-dubbed Maven of Motivation. Only after those first two steps are accomplished, she explains, can any speaker monetize his/her business.

I was struck by how relevant Rush’s advice is to business blog content writing. Problem #1 for seminar leaders, she explains, is low attendance.  Isn’t “getting found” online the first step for businesses?  Doesn’t every business or practice need to draw online traffic before anything else can happen?

The first three steps on Rush’s Magnetic Marketing Checklist are:

  •  Choose a specific audience
  • Choose a specific problem
  • Create a tantalizing title

The Say It For You “take”:

Your knowledge of who your target audience is must influence every aspect of your blog  – the words you use in the title, how technical you get, how sophisticated your approach – all of it meant to magnetize the specific type of customer or client you want and those who will want to do business with you.  That’s why we content marketers use and repeat keyword phrases to help search engines  recognize us as the best match for the right online searchers.
Millions of people are putting ideas and information out on the Web, often just to share knowledge and give others the benefit of their opinions.  But in your case, you’re using your blog as part of your marketing campaign. The blog is your “podium” – you get to showcase your business so customers will want you to be the one to provide them with the product or the service they need. But, like the seminar presenters whom Callan Rush advises, even after they arrive, if you fail to mesmerize your audience – you’re toast!

Captivating readers, just as captivating audiences, depends on what Rush calls WDYD – (What do you do?)  In other words, you need to choose a very specific problem or need, and offer a very clear and compelling solution.

We business bloggers are faced with a tall order: our content must magnetize, then mesmerize. Only then will any “monetizing” become possible!



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