Business Branding Tips For Business Blogging

“If you are starting a new business or revitalizing an old one, the visual brand is an important part of the process,” writes my friend and local small business maven Lorraine Ball.  Just about all of the Roundpeg visual branding tips, I believe, are good rules to follow when creating business blog content.

Opt for simple (no more than two colors, no more than two fonts, avoid intricate details).

Opting for simple is a good idea when it comes to the design of the design of both the blog page itself and of individual posts, but perhaps most important, when it comes to the content.  As a business blogging trainer, I always advise that each blog post needs to emphasize and illustrate one – and, ideally, only one – key concept.

Be consistent across platforms.

Your logo should look good in black and white and in color, be recognizable when inverted or resized, explains Ball. To me, the blog content rule parallel to these cautions concerns themes.  Each blog post can deal with a concept or topic, but the best blogs have central themes running throughout all posts.  The themes represent the beliefs and the unique “slant” of the business owner or professional practitioner, and they are the “leitmotifs” that help the separate blog posts fit together into an ongoing business blog marketing strategy.

Commit to the design.

Once you choose a logo, advises Roundpeg, use it everywhere – on letterhead, websites, invoices, business cards, t-shirts and coffee mugs. As a professional blogger, I think I understand why people loved Fred Astaire. – his singing had authenticity.  Commit to your own “themes”, the ideas that make you passionate about your business – and your very own way of doing business. Your ongoing blogging allows people to hear your distinct voice, and the concepts to which you’ve committed your business career!

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