Can Blog Content Writing Get You Equal Business Stature?

“Equal business stature, Tim, that’s all I want, to be treated as an equal. I believe I have earned that right and yet to a gatekeeper or prospect, I am the lowest form of humanity,” is the lament one sales professional voiced to a favorite Indianapolis sales trainer, Tim Roberts.

Most of the time, the barrier salespeople face is the “gatekeeper” (the secretary or admin assistant who guards access to the VIP).  A gatekeeper can hear the difference between someone of equal business stature and someone who doesn’t have it from a mile away, explains Roberts, so the secret is to “act as though you’re the president and get referred in”.

With a 27-year long career in sales under my belt, I knew exactly why that salesperson was so frustrated. I understood what Tim Roberts was saying, too. I also realized that for all of us Indiana blog content writers (whether it’s the owner of a business, a professional practitioner, or a Say It For You freelance content writer who’s involved), the salesperson/gatekeeper conflict is very much in play. Except, when it comes to SEO marketing blogs, there’s no admin assistant blocking access to the target buyer. In fact, the “gatekeeper” is the short attention span of online readers today!

As a professional ghost blogger, I study statistics about today’s buyer.  If  you used Search Engine Optimization strategy, providing relevant, new, frequently posted information through business blogging, online readers are going to do one of two things – "bounce" away from your blog and keep looking for what they want, or (and this is the result you're aiming for) proceed to visit your website.. You just won't get readers to sit still very long reading your content.

Blog readers are scanners, by and large, not readers, and they came online to search for information. You’ll have a mere couple of seconds during which searchers will decide whether you deserve “equal business stature”.


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