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19 Mar

What-It-Would-Do-For-You Blog Content Writing

“When asking ‘What do you want?’ you are seeking an answer that is very specific and positive. ‘I don’t want . . ‘” is not something for which you can coach,” explains Laura Poole, author of the book Perfect Phrases for Coaching Employee Performance.   How can that coaching insight apply to the content we create for business owners and professional practitioners to offer their online readers? Some of the areas in which employees often […]

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12 Mar

Let’s Be Designerly in Our Blogging

DORIS Research, I learned in the Indianapolis Business Journal, uses design thinking to organize workplaces. As a blog content writer and trainer, I particularly liked two suggestions DORIS founder Samantha Julka offers for being “more designerly” 1.  “Spend time thinking about people. Think about how they would react or feel about the action you are making or the thing you are creating.” This statement reminds me of a statement I found in a West Bend […]

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20 Feb

What’s Tops in HVAC Blogs is What’s Tops in Blog Content Writing – B

Marketing company looked for certain qualities in compiling their list of top HVAC Blogs in 2018. Earlier this week, I commented on six of those points, because they can work for  blog content writing in any industry or profession. Here are six more: Advice on finding the right components Employment consultants name four things workers need:  people who help them, tools, information, and an exchange of ideas. Blog readers need those same components. Region-specific […]

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16 Jan

Look-Ahead Words of Wisdom for Blog Content Writers – Part B

This week, with an eye to the year to come, I’m sharing more words of wisdom from ”my bookshelves”, along with the links to the authors and book descriptions… Sketch out an outline of events leading to a typical client needing you. Choose a client from a typical demographic you serve, suggests Paul Smith in The Ten Stories Great Leaders Tell. Your sales story, Smith explains, relates what you did for one of your customers […]

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14 Jan

Look-Ahead Words of Wisdom for Blog Content Writers – Part A

  Last week, by way of kicking off a new blogging year, I’ looked through my bookshelves at all the business writing-related books I’ve collected over the year 2019. What would I do without these “reading around” gems with their different sorts and shapes of advice and reflection? . This week, with an eye to the year to come, I’ll be sharing even more words of wisdom from ”my shelves”, along with the links to […]

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