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19 Mar

What-It-Would-Do-For-You Blog Content Writing

“When asking ‘What do you want?’ you are seeking an answer that is very specific and positive. ‘I don’t want . . ‘” is not something for which you can coach,” explains Laura Poole, author of the book Perfect Phrases for Coaching Employee Performance.   How can that coaching insight apply to the content we create for business owners and professional practitioners to offer their online readers? Some of the areas in which employees often […]

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23 Jan

How Not to Quote-Bomb in Your Blog

  When you quote someone else’s remarks on a topic you’re covering in your blog, that can be a very good thing. Why? you’re reinforcing your point you’re showing you’re in touch with trends in your field you’re adding value for readers by aggregating materials from different sources, adding variety in the way an idea is phrased On the other hand, the “re-gifting” of content needs to be handled with restraint. “Set up a quote […]

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16 Jan

Look-Ahead Words of Wisdom for Blog Content Writers – Part B

This week, with an eye to the year to come, I’m sharing more words of wisdom from ”my bookshelves”, along with the links to the authors and book descriptions… Sketch out an outline of events leading to a typical client needing you. Choose a client from a typical demographic you serve, suggests Paul Smith in The Ten Stories Great Leaders Tell. Your sales story, Smith explains, relates what you did for one of your customers […]

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29 Oct

She-Did-It-To-Work-For-You Blog Content Writing

  The full page ad in Employee Benefit News is a grabber, containing a photo of a young woman wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the dollar figure $67,928. “Why did she borrow that money for tuition?” the ad asks, offering the response “She did it to work for you”. “Every person who visits your site wants an experience worth their time. They want to know you understand their needs,” cautions Adobe Audience Manager. At Say […]

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04 Jul

The Power of Blogging on Paper

Paper can be our valuable ally when our mission is learning something, the authors of Mental Floss magazine explain – in fact, we “get empowered by taking notes on paper,” as many scientific studies prove. Interestingly, while the blog posts that I and my Say It For You writers create are meant to be read online, there are some valuable tips in this article about note-taking that can be used to organize business blog content. […]

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