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17 Mar

Blog Hunter-Gatherers Tell Stories to Ignite

Anybody can become a better communicator, a better storyteller, says Carmine Gallo, author of “the Storyteller’s Secret.”.  Tell more personal stories, he advises.  Unfortunately, he laments, most of what we read and hear is 99% facts and 1% story. “I say, turn it around”, Gallo urges.   In the 1960’s, a Canadian anthropologist studying hunter-gatherer Bushmen in the Kalahari desert, a society that had existed in southern Africa for more than 150,000 years, found that  […]

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05 Mar

Blogging About Your Five

Most businesses are good at 95% of what they do, says billionaire restaurateur and hotelier Tilman Fertitta in his newest book Shut Up and Listen. It’s the remaining 5%, he says, that determines whether the business excels or not. That 5% is the difference driver or tipping point, the author explains, offering examples from restaurant settings.  On the negative side, that 5% difference can be made by a server bringing a drink without a napkin or […]

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20 Feb

What’s Tops in HVAC Blogs is What’s Tops in Blog Content Writing – B

Marketing company looked for certain qualities in compiling their list of top HVAC Blogs in 2018. Earlier this week, I commented on six of those points, because they can work for  blog content writing in any industry or profession. Here are six more: Advice on finding the right components Employment consultants name four things workers need:  people who help them, tools, information, and an exchange of ideas. Blog readers need those same components. Region-specific […]

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04 Feb

Bringing Fred Into Business Blog Writing

The most important job skill of the twenty-first century, Mark Sanborn posits in The Fred Factor, is the ability to create value for customers without spending more money to do it. “Freds” are people who either create new value or add value to the work they already do, the author explains. In creating blog content, needless to say, the goal is demonstrating that this product provider or practitioner has better ideas, better products, and better service […]

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28 Jan

Annoyance- Minimized Business Blog Writing

“Annoyance may well be the most widely experienced and least studied of all known human emotions,” writes Joe Palca in National Geographic. “Traffic. Mosquitoes. People who snap their gum. People who crack their knuckles. There are so many things in the world that are just downright annoying.” True, a vast literature exists on anger, aversion, and social anthropology, Palca and co-researcher Flora Lichtman admit, but few scientists have used those things to explain the mild […]

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