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25 Feb

For Lack of a Genre, the Blog Was Lost

“I’ve learned the hard way that it’s very hard to sell any story that doesn’t fit neatly into a known category,” writes Paula Munier in her book The Writer’s Guide to Beginnings. “I won’t know where or how to sell it, the editor won’t know how to pitch it to her publishing board, the bookseller won’t know where to shelve it, and the readers won’t know where to find it. In blog content writing, the […]

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18 Feb

What’s Tops in HVAC Blogs is What’s Tops in Blog Content Writing – A

What makes for a good heating and air conditioning blog?  Well, some of the qualities marketing company looked for in choosing “the Top HVAC Blogs of 2018” can serve as a guide for blog content writers in any field: A focus on industry changes What I’ve learned over the years of helping Say It For You clients in different industries create content, is that customers expect their service and product providers to keep them […]

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26 Dec

The Memo Meme for Blogging

Memos are usually written for one of the following reasons, explains Tony Rossiter, author of Effective Business Writing in Easy Steps: to provide a written record to give the reader background information for a specific visit or event to make a suggestion or proposal to give advice or make recommendations about a particular issue or problem Interesting – I couldn’t help reflecting: the key characteristics of a good memo which Rossiter lists are remarkably similar […]

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10 Dec

Using GOLO in Blog Marketing

I had never heard of GOLO, but once I’d seen the company’s TV commercial, I had a hard time getting it out of my mind. Sure, the name GOLO is catchy, but it was the clever memory hook that did the trick: GO LOse weight GO LOok great GO LOve life Around six years ago, I’d had a similar experience at a Financial Planning Association meeting. The speaker wanted to convey to us that spending […]

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06 Aug

Blog to Express, Not Impress

  “Write to express, not impress,” advises Mary Cullen in 87 Advanced Business Writing Tips That Actually Work. “Your goal is to easily transmit ideas and information, not to flaunt a big vocabulary,” she says. Blog content writers should find these three tips particularly apropos: 1.    “Be certain your paragraphs aren’t longer than seven lines (lines, not sentences). Any longer than that and readability studies show that your readers just see a big block […]

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