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21 Jan

Do “Huh-Oh” Titles Work for Marketing Blogs?

  One important purpose of marketing blog titles is attracting online shoppers. So, catchy and engaging as a title might be, it won’t serve the purpose if the words in it don’t match up with those searchers used. After all my “reading around” – magazines, books, blogs, textbooks – you name it, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two basic title categories: the “Huh?s” and the “Ohs”. The “Huh?s” need subtitles to make […]

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15 Oct

Words That Command Attention in Blog Post Titles

  Are there certain words, words that are quite common, yet which command a reader’s attention? Leafing through the July issue of TIME magazine, I found the answer to that question is a definite “yes”. Mind you, none of these attention-commanding, curiosity-stimulating words (or set of words) offers the slightest hint of the topic of the article to follow. Instead, these attention-commanding words hint of the tone of the content to come. Finding…. How… Could… […]

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08 Oct

The Power of Similar Sounds in Blog Post Titles

The contributing authors in the Nature Conservancy Magazine must have collaborated to illustrate the power of similar sounds. As examples for blog content writers, I chose just four of the many titles in that issue: Roots Rewind This is an example of classic alliteration. Both words begin with the same consonant. Keep Carbon Although the two words begin with different letters, this is another example of alliteration, because the consonant sound is the same. Orca […]

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01 Oct

Pique-Your-Interest Blog Post Titles

  Browsing through the August issue of Indianapolis Monthly, I noticed something interesting about the titles of many of the articles. It was literally impossible to tell from each title what the topic of the forthcoming article would be, yet my curiosity was aroused to the point that I wanted to find out. Applied Knowledge, for example, offered advice about filling out effective college applications. Upon Further Review turned out to be about IU football […]

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05 Sep

How-To Blog Content is Harder to Write Than First Appears

  Giving directions is a lot harder than first appears. That point was brought home to us at a recent tutor training I attended at Ivy Tech Community College. An instructor may believe he’s given clear instructions to his class for completing a particular assignment, but different students interpret those directions… well, differently. Working together in informal study groups, students can help each other arrive at the correct interpretation, was the point. We tutors were […]

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