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03 Sep

Is Your Business Blog Content TNAS?

  As part of my work in the tutoring lab at Ivy Tech Community College, it often falls to me to help students revise essay papers. Students may have submitted first drafts, then received their papers back from their instructor with notations and corrections. The student then has the opportunity to “fix” things and re-submit the assignment. At first, I didn’t understand the meaning of the notation “TNAS” that frequently appeared on these papers. I […]

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09 Apr

The Royal Order of Blogging

Just one of the binding rules in English that native speakers know but don’t know they know, BBC’s Matthew Anderson pointed out, is that adjectives preceding nouns must go in a specific order: quantity or number opinion size shape age color origin/nationality material purpose That rule is the reason, for example, that green great dragons can’t exist, but great green ones can. Your friend does not have a new nice house, but a nice new […]

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