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04 Sep

Business Blog Repurposing With a Purpose

  Finding ways to recycle existing content has a number of benefits, Megan Marris writes in, including: reaching a new audience “dusting off forgotten tales” making the most of your efforts Your top notch content deserves repurposing, Marris states, but only the best will do. Wordstream offers a rather impressive list of suggestions on alternative ways for using content from existing blog posts, turning them into: webinars podcasts case studies Power Point slide decks […]

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03 Jul

The Long and the Short of Business Blog Writing

“So which is better for you: long or short content?” Rob Marsh asks on The short of it as per “Write short, pithy posts.  After 750 words – or sometimes after only half that – you risk losing your readers’ attention”. The long of it as per Buffer:  “Posts longer than 2,500 words received more than twice the social shares of posts less than 2,500 words long.” But, forget long vs. short. What […]

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