You May Not Have Breaking News, but You Can Use Breaking News for Your Blog

using news in blogs


The word “news”, when it comes to blog marketing, can mean several different things.

Your “own” news:
One type of news is centered around you and your business or practice. Perhaps you’re introducing a new employee or partner. You may be introducing a new service you’re beginning to offer, or a new product line. The purpose is not to brag, but to present the “news” in such a way that readers will consider it important and relevant to their needs.

Community news:
A second type of news piece might relate to your community, your city, your country, even worldwide events, with you providing an update on “what’s-going-on-and-how-do-we-fit-in”. (In fact, as I teach at Say It For You, reading daily newspapers is just one of many strategies for blog content development. The idea is not to regurgitate what’s already been said by a magazine or news source writer, but to demonstrate that you’re staying on top of the latest happenings. Ideally, you’re offering a different “slant” on those current happenings.

News from your industry or profession:
Showing that you are keeping abreast of the latest thinking in your field is the key to earning “expert power”, showing readers that you are in a good position to spot both threats and opportunities, which you will, of course, be sharing with them.

Trending topics:
Even though today’s most searched-for topic may not be what is most often talked about tomorrow, you can benefit readers by tying your blog content to popular topics. While the focus of your business blog will be on the business owners and the services, advice, and products they offer, the content can reflect current happenings and concerns.

The distinguishing feature of “news” (as opposed to information in general) is that it is recently updated information. And one of the realities of the digital age is that it’s only recently updated information that is likely to have an impact on our marketing results. “Building equity” through repeated use of keyword phrases – and evergreen content – is part of blog marketing, but “news” plays a key role in keeping content “fresh”.

You may not have “breaking news”, but you can use breaking news for your blog!