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27 Feb

Getting Creative With Organizing Principles for Blogs

“A well-chosen organizing principle can serve as a strong differentiator for your story, helping to set it apart from the competition,“ suggests Paula Munier in her book the Writer’s Guide to Beginnings.  Organizing principles run from beginning to end throughout the story, and can: help add layers of meaning enhance the imagery deepen the story’s themes If you’re writing from the first-person point of view of the heroine, for example, you should stick to that […]

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01 Aug

Blogging the Lure and What They Say

  At Say It For You, I’m always on the lookout for different “templates” for presenting information about any business or professional practice. The “nucleus” around which business blog posts are formed is their topic (issues, products, services and advice related to their field). Although the general topic remains the same over time, there is endless variety that can be used to make each blog post special, with one way being the use of different templates. Browsing through a […]

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