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26 Mar

Ways to Feed the Blog Content “Monster”

“There are two ways to “feed the content monster”, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick suggest in their book The Art of Social Media: Content creation Content curation (finding other people’s good stuff, summarizing it and showing it) However you’re finding – or ”birthing” your content, the authors tell us, there are dictates to follow: Be valuable. (What happened? What does it mean? How can readers do that?) One way to talk “value”, we teach at […]

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13 Feb

Too Humorous or Too Informal – Some People May Mind

Sometimes in business email, Tony Rossiter advises in “Effective Business Writing”, a degree of informality and humor may be appropriate, but this should not be overdone. If you are too formal, the author observes, most people won’t mind. If you are too informal, on the other hand, some people may, in fact, mind. What about humor in business blog content writing? Everyone likes to be entertained, Joshua Nite admits in, but our content needs […]

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11 Feb

Never Use 2 Words Where 1 Will Do

“However good a sentence is, you can often find a word or two, or a phrase, that can be deleted without any loss of meaning,” Tony Rossiter advises in “Effective Business Writing”. There are two specific ways to avoid this sort of duplication, he adds: Dump qualifiers. Qualifying adjectives and adverbs (like the first in each of these two-word expressions) should be dumped: important essentials past history quite impossible advance warning usual habit future prospects […]

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30 Jan

Turning Annoyance Into Advantage in Business Blog Writing

  Earlier this week, my Say It For You blog focused on how-not-to tips when it comes to annoying blog readers. While as Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman point out in National Geographic, few scientists have explained the mild anger we call annoyance, we content writers know annoyance is not the reaction we’re seeking from our readers. That very annoyance, though, can be turned to our advantage in business blog content writing. One way to […]

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16 Jan

Look-Ahead Words of Wisdom for Blog Content Writers – Part B

This week, with an eye to the year to come, I’m sharing more words of wisdom from ”my bookshelves”, along with the links to the authors and book descriptions… Sketch out an outline of events leading to a typical client needing you. Choose a client from a typical demographic you serve, suggests Paul Smith in The Ten Stories Great Leaders Tell. Your sales story, Smith explains, relates what you did for one of your customers […]

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