Cindy Hartman Takes the Say It For You Blog Writers’ Triggering Tidbit Challenge

Fellow blogger and Hartman Inventory, LLC owner Cindy Hartman took the Say It For You blog writing challenge. 

From my view, Hartman "aced" the assignment, using one of the tidbits to illustrate how her own business works.  In this case, she demonstrates the importance of a personal property inventory.  In her blog post The 5-Second Rule, Cindy uses the myth that, if a treat spends less than 5 seconds on the ground, it doesn’t collect germs, and the research by Dr. Paul Dawson showing that, in reality, bacteria transfer onto food instantly upon contact, to  illustrate important points about her own business. Read Cindy’s blog post here:,

Thank you Cindy, for helping me prove my point that good ideas for writing for business are all around us, all the time.  

Over my years of providing business blogging assistance, I’ve learned, that the biggest hurdle any blog content writer must overcome is the tendency to slack off.  Success in corporate blogging for business comes from keeping up the pace, continuing to post new content over weeks, months, and years. 

Can’t wait to read YOUR tidbit challenge entry!

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