Clinching Your Closer in Business Blog Content Writing

To close out the series of Writer’s Digest lessons I’ve been sharing with Say It For You blog readers, here are some valuable writing tips about “closing” business blog posts that I found in “Clinch Your Closer”, by James V. Smith, Jr..

Whether in a mystery novel or a business blog post, nothing fails writers more than a fizzle, a weak ending that leaves readers trailing off in disappointed mood. “What readers say after they put your book down matters more for your sales than what they say when they pick it up,” Smith sagely advises, and the same thing holds true in blogging for business.

Smith offers some dos and don’ts for a powerful close, all of which make good guidelines for anyone providing business blogging services:

Do resolve the central conflict.  Readers want to be uplifted.
Even if you as the business owner or professional practitioner want to show you understand readers’ problems, empathize, don’t over-emphasize. In your blog content writing, don’t dwell on the problem – stress the solution. Leave readers with a path to action and positive expectations.

Do tie up loose ends of significance.  Every question you planted in a readers’ mind should be addressed.
But then what? In any SEO marketing blog strategy, something needs to happen next. After we Indianapolis blog content writers have told them the “what” and the “so what”, our job is to answer the question, “Now what?”

Do mirror your final words to events in your opener. It’s the tie-back tactic.
In corporate blogging training sessions, I’m always talking about the “Pow” opening line.  You know, that’s the line that contains keyword phrases (important in SEO marketing blogs to reassure search engines they’ve made a good match and readers that they’ve come to the right blog.  The opening line is also the one that presents a question, a problem, a startling statistic, or a gutsy, challenging statement.

So, now, at the end of the post, do a tie-back to that opener, a finishing florish. Remember the 3-step rule from high school speech class?

  • Tell them what you’re going to tell them
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you told them.

In business blog content writing, it’s important to clinch your closer!

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