Control/Z-ing and Control/-V-ing by Content Writers in Indianapolis

Tech maven Patric (“Mr. Noobie”) Welch’s for-the-masses “noo” tip of the week reminds readers to use the Ctl-Z key combination to undo mistakes.

Patric Welch, Mr. NoobieIn the same vein, in corporate blogging training sessions I advise business owners that one function their SEO marketing blog can serve is correcting mistakes – not only mistaken information that may have been inadvertently published in a former blog post, but as a response to a negative reader comment or to negative publicity in general.

Ironically, I caution those new to blog writing for business, many of the comments you recieve are actually more likely to be negative in tone (or represent attempts to promote readers’ own businesses by “piggybacking” on your blog)! In the case of any negative event or negative comment, I explain, business blogging is the ideal tool for you to quickly react. Many business owners report that solving a customer’s problem or complaint resulted in them becoming loyal fans. In short, c+ontrol-Z ing” in blog content writing means using the blog for what social media expert Kyle Lacy calls “controlling your message.”

Fellow writer Dan Eldridge reminded me of a way blog content writers can use the key combination which is the opposite of Ctl-Z,  Ctl-V (“Insert”).  Say there’s been a change in a situation described by an Indianapolis blog writer in an earlier blog post.  The situation has now changed.  The content writer can go back to that original post and, at the very top or the very bottom of the post, write an update, usually in bold type. That way, when online readers come across that post, they’ll get a true picture of the situation as it is now, because it’s been “Control-V’d!

Don’t you just love the flexibility of business blog writing?   As a professional ghost blogger, I certainly do!

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