Corporate Blogging for Business – Going Beyond “Nice”

No matter what the business, when it comes to delivering a product or service, “nice work” just isn’t good enough.  As a freelance blog writer offering corporate blogging training, I need to drive that point home.

Rickleff Painting puts that principle into action; the company brochure explains they pay exceptionalattention to the details that make the difference between “nice” results and exceptional results. As I was listening to Steve Rickleff’s presentation at my Columbian Business Network meeting, I realized the nice/exceptional distinction is important for me to emphasize with my clients when offering them my Say It For You business blogging service.

“What makes you exceptional?” asks business coach Tom Volkar, stating his belief that we increase the probability of success in life to the degree that we are willing to express our exceptionality. Discovering, then giving voice to that exceptionality, I realized, is the secret to marketing success in general and certainly applies to SEO marketing blogs.

After years of being involved in all aspects of corporate blog writing and corporate blogging training, one irony I’ve found is that blog content writers who do nothing more than “show up” are exceptional! That’s because business owners who are able and willing to maintain consistency and frequency in posting to their blog are rare. There’s a tremendous fall-off rate, with most blogs being abandoned months or even weeks after they’re begun. 

It’s not only when it comes to blog posting consistency and frequency that Rickleff’s principle of exceptionality holds true for bloggers; that principle must hold true in an even deeper sense in writing for business. A company might in fact pay attention to the details and achieve exceptional results, but potential customers and clients don’t yet know that – the blog content writer needs to make that come across in each blog post.

Steve Rickleff was right there when he made his presentation. In person.  But, as an Indianapolis blogger, I’m not right there in person, and neither is the business owner or practitioner with whom the customer will be dealing.  The challenge in the business blogging help I offer is to convey that message of exceptionality using the printed word, with perhaps some help from video and pictures.

Go for the exceptional, blog content writers. "Nice" just may not be good enough!

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