Creating “Killers” in Corporate Blogging for Business

frequencyInc. Magazine offers tips on designing an e-mail newsletter that "won’t have customers reaching for the Unsubscribe button." Point by point, I couldn’t help thinking, this article could very well be used as a manual for my Say It For You corporate blogging training sessions. In fact, in talking about writing for business, writer April Joyner mentions blogs, suggesting that "a newsletter is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and your social media content".

When it comes to newsletters, Joyner advises sending "often – but not too often". "No business owner wants to gain a reputation as a spammer," she acknowledges. "But," she cautions (and here’s where there’s a very strong tie-in with blog writing) "if you communicate too infrequently, customers may become less likely to remember your brand and less receptive to your sales pitches."

In offering business blogging help, I need to stress the importance of recency and frequency in posting.  First of all, when it comes to any SEO marketing blog, frequency  is one of the critical factors in vying for search engine rankings. Of course, the opposite, infrequency, will have a detrimental effect in terms of a company’s marketing strategy and tactics development.

Of course, anyone offering blog writing services would offer a loud "Amen!" to Inc. Magazine‘s advice about "getting personal".  Blog content writers, just like e-newsletter creators, need to cater to target customers’ interests – and use the blog to reveal their own unique slant on their industry.

"Though the ultimate goal of an e-mail newsletter is to boost sales, be careful that your missives don’t become a relentless bombardment of pitches.  The best newsletters provide expert information that benefit readers," says Joyner. In fact, the best help I can possibly provide to any business owner is embodied in that advice:

As a professional ghost blogger who also teaches blogging for business, I’d consider that the main mission of blogging is to provide expert information that benefits readers!

(Sound almost too simple? It isn’t, but that’s truly the secret behind "killer" blogs!) 

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