Don’t Just Blog There – Promote!

Back in December, I remember reading in Nuvo, twelve poets jumped into frigid Green Lake in Seattle; they thought it would be a good way to publicize their art.  As one poet remarked, “It’s not enough to write.  You need that audience.”

Business blogs need to be promoted, too.  The very monikers Internet and World Wide Web denote linkages (think of a spider web, with strands stretching in all directions).  Search engines attribute value to links, both inbound to your blog, and outbound from your blog to other websites, according to Compendium Blogware’s Chis Baggott.

Leaping into lakes probably won’t do much to promote your blog, but leaping into linking will. Do a little sleuthing of your own to find people who are blogging on topics related to your business and post comments (sincere comments on what they’ve written, not disguised commercials for yourself).  You might also email other bloggers telling them about yourself, offering to share ideas.

In-person blog promotion opportunities abound. Share your excitement about your blog with other business people you meet, as well as friends and neighbors.  Invite them to “catch” your latest post and to add comments.  Many, you’ll find, will Just Say Yes!

In “Blog Offers Whiff Of Website”, I positively gushed with praise for Tim Colossy, the Chevrolet dealer in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania who uses a box that sends up puffs of new car scent in his showroom, as part of his plan to entice buyers to visit the dealership.

Your blog is just one piece of your overall business marketing plan, the “whiff” to whet the appetite of potential customers.  But, they’ve got to find you first.  To paraphrase the soaking wet and shivering Seattle poetess, it’s not enough to blog.  You need that audience!


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