Employee Benefits and Blog Writing

 “Are you wrestling with the need to increase revenues despite compensation compression?” asks Jack Kwicien in Employee Benefit Adviser magazine. While Kwicien was addressing his question to benefits advisers, he offers two pieces of advice that all blog content writers in Indianapolis can put to good use.

As a first step, says Kwicien, there are some central questions advisers (and bloggers for business) need to be asking themselves, including:

  • What critical client issues am I attempting to solve?
  • What potential solutions are offered by my firm that aren’t available in the marketplace today?
  •  What are the “lightning rod” issues that keep my prospects awake at night?

(When it comes to corporate blogging for business, this sort of soul-searching by the business owner or professional practitioner becomes the basis for the SEO marketing blog writing.

Once you have greater clarity about which target markets to pursue and what the unique value is that your business can bring to those markets, Step Two in your campaign to increase revenue on a limited budget, says Kwicien, is “forming strategic alliances with friendly competitors or synergistic businesses.”

As part of corporate blogging training, I stress “networking” through business blogs.  How?

  • Comment on other corporate blog posts
  • Share other blog posts by quoting them in your own blog,  linking to their blog, or posting a comment on their blogs
  • Offer to exchange guest blog posts
  • Send an email message complimenting another blogger on a post and starting a conversation

And, as Kwicien so wisely suggests, you can do this with synergistic businesses that relate to your own. (In fact, an important part of the work in freelance blog writing for business is “reading around the Web” to search for just those opportunities to create synergy.

“Morph your business to survive and thrive,” concludes Jack Kwicien.  Business blog writing, I’d add, can represent the perfect continuous-run morph-ing tool!

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