Evergreen Blogging For Business

Vegetables and blog content are both best when they’re fresh. When it comes to online marketing, search engines want to provide their customers with fresh blog “produce”.


When it comes to freshness, there are a number of factors to be considered, and only one of those is recency, or newness. In any SEO blog marketing effort, adding material often can be important in improving your site’s rankings.

But “fresh” in terms of business blogs means more than just having newly posted content. “Fresh” means:

  • You’re sharing company news and announcements – what’s happening now.
  • The content is up-do-date on the latest trends in your industry, problems that are now getting solved because of updated technology and knowledge.
  • "Fresh" means blog content is informing and entertaining in a unique way.
  • Fresh can also mean content that ties in with news that’s making headlines right then.

There’s one big difference, though, between keeping blog material fresh and keeping herbs or vegetables fresh. Even if I put my mint in a special container, I can keep it fresh for only so long. Once I’ve posted content on this Say It For You blog, on the other hand, it can remain on the Internet forever.  This one’s #727, yet all my seven hundred and twenty six past blog posts haven’t disappeared – that content remains there in reverse chronological order.

In fact, when someone searches for information on my topic, it’s quite possible they’ll be matched up with content I wrote a long time ago.  That means I need to think of presenting material that’s more than fresh – it has to be evergreen, so that it can continue to have relevance even months and years later.

Evergreen blogging isn’t difficult, it just means that, even if you’re tying your blog to today’s headlines or announcing an event you’re holding this week, make sure you include some basic information that you think readers will still find useful months and even years from now. After all, good information never gets stale!

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