Expert, Serious, and Real Blogging for Business

Stuck in traffic behind a Bob Block truck, I  reflected that there was much for Indianapolis blog writers to learn from the simple, six-word message on the vehicle:

  • Expert advice
  • Serious equipment
  • Real results

As a corporate blogging trainer, one question I’m asked most often has to do with blog post length. In an earlier Say It For You post, I quoted Charles of, who looks at blog title length and content as equally important. 

But before considering word count in corporate blogging for business, I think blog content writers need to focus.  The Bob Block truck signage provides a perfect model, exemplifying a business value proposition with three simple parts:

  • The owners’ expertise (“expert advice”)

Buyers want more than just products. Blog content writing can introduce readers to business owners, explaining the owners’ specialty or niche within their field, their special “philosophy” about their area of practice or their industry, and their unique approach to providing client services. 

  • The excellence of the product or service (“serious equipment”)

“You go into your local store to buy something and all you can see are products on the shelf with names and prices.  There is nobody to talk to and no other information available, just products on shelves and prices.  Today, that’s what a business is without an accompanying blog.” says Nick Semon of Insulation Stop.

  • What’s in it for the customer (“real results”)

Your business blog writing must give online searchers a “feel” for the desired outcomes of using your products and services.

Not sure you’re ready to tackle the writing of an SEO marketing blog for your business or practice?  Start by composing a six-word signage ad for your business or practice, modeled after the Bob Block truck.

The interesting thing I’ve found over the years of blog writing for business is that the very exercise of thinking through the themes and the ideas for a blog helps train the business owner or practitioner to articulate those ideas when they’re talking to their customers!  At Say It For You, we call this” the “training benefit” of corporate blogging.

Content writing for business IS my business. But, now, getting the message condensed into six words?  That poses a challenge even for this professional ghost blogger!



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