Finding Uses For Not-So-Useless Information in Business Blog Writing

We Indianapolis blog content writers are likely to find a whole lot of very useful information in Don Vorhees’ Book of Totally useless Information. As just one example, I found this little piece about “posh”.

Why is “posh” used to describe something elegant or fashionable?

During the Victorian era, Voorhees explains, wealthy British travelers would go to India on luxury cruise ships.  Air conditioning hadn’t yet been invented, and the air on the route around Cape Horn was extremely hot and humid. Portholes were the only way to ventilate the staterooms. 

Since staterooms facing land tended to be cooler (more shade, more shelter from bad weather) than the rooms facing out to the open sea, it became trendy to pay extra for the privilege of staying in a portside cabin on the way to India and a starboard cabin on the way back home. A "P.O.S.H." label on one’s luggage signified “port out, starboard home”.

So, why do I, a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, find such so-called “useless” tidbits of information so very useful when it comes to SEO blog content writing?

  • Common myths surround every business and profession.  Offering little known explanations like the one about “posh” can engage readers' interest (I know that tidbit engaged mine) and entice blog visitors to keep coming back. And, while these tidbits are probably not appropriate for the more permanent website content, they fit perfectly into blog posts. Business owners or practitioner can lead into some little-known fact about their own business or profession. 
  • Questions in blog post titles help capture interest (that’s the technique Vorhees used to capture his readers’ interest, including my own). How much…? How far….? How long….? How little….? How true is…..? are all questions that can be used to get readers thinking about aspects of your business of which they might not have been aware. History tidbits in general engage readers' curiosity, evoking an "I didn't know that!" response.
  • Back in July of last year, I issued a Tidbit Challenge to other Indianapolis blog content writers.  The whole idea was that any unusual or little-known piece of information can be used to explain the company’s products, services, and special expertise. Since I find that the biggest fear business owners have when it comes to maintaining a company blog is running out of ideas. I was out to prove that ideas are all around us.

Content that is useful for SEO marketing blogs IS all around us; if you don’t believe me, try leafing through the Book of Totally Useless Information!,


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