First “What”, Then “Who” In Blogs

"Start with a brief description of the news, then distinguish who announced it, not the other way around" is one of the 10 Essential Tips For Writing Press Releases.

Writing about the "what" before the "who" is good advice for blogging as well as for press releases.  The opening sentences of each blog post must make a clear connection between what the searcher needs and the "what" your business has to fill that need.

That means writing about them, and only then about you and your business. Describe the issue or problem to show you understand what brought the searcher to your site:

  • Even with air blowing through the vents, your room still feels stuffy….
  • With an important presentation coming up, John feels terrified….
  • Dressing for a business interview is a matter of following three simple rules….

Once you’ve "hit the need on the head", your blog post can go on to describe your solution in the form of a product or service you offer.

Writing about the "what" can take the form of describing how readers will feel after using your product or service. The other day I heard the most wonderful radio ad that was designed to evoke listeners’ feelings :

    When was the last time you stopped to taste an apple, not just eat it….
…the rich smell of pines in the morning
…the laughter of children coming off the lake
…the echo of the wooden deck under our bare feet…
…a place that remembers the taste of fresh ice cream dripping in the sun…

( won the Travel Industry Association’s Mercury Award for best state tourism radio advertising campaign.)

Help readers begin reading each business blog post with the end in mind.  The details can follow. Make the connection through the "what", and the "who" will be sure to follow!


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