For Business Blogs, Take Tried-and-True, Add an Approach

The health brochures on display in my doctor’s office called to mind the way different writers had taken different approaches in presenting the information to readers. In the same way, we blog content writers can sustain writing over long periods of time by varying our approach.

A humor piece in the Readers Digest reinforces that very idea. asked workers what the most important rule was for people in their profession.

  • Plumbers answered “Don’t chew your fingernails.”
  • Camp counselors answered “Don’t lose the kid.”
  • Scuba divers said “If it moves, it wants to kill you.”
  • Photographers’ advice: “Take the lens cap off”.

(I was reminded of an anecdote I heard at a sales meeting, about hotelier Conrad Hilton.  When asked what the secret of success in life was, he quipped “Put the shower curtain inside the tub!”

Remember that readers are different and they have different “rules” and needs. Smart blog marketing takes into account that there are many subsets of every target market group, and that not every message will work on every person. At Say It For You, we teach blog content writers that online searchers want to be thought of as individuals. . We blog content writers need to keep on telling the story in its infinite variations, knowing that, to a certain extent, the blog content readers who end up as clients and customers action have self-selected.

After all, to some of your readers, it’s not going to be important if they chew their fingernails or forget to take the lens cap off. What IS going to be important is you sustaining your blog writing by gathering ideas from everything you see, read, and hear and then relating that material to your own business brand. The other thing that IS going to be important is sharing what YOUR important rules are.

Business blog posts need to include stories about how you solved client problems, and what lessons you’ve learned through your experiences, wisdom you’ll be applying in your dealings with them should they choose to become your customers.


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