For SEO Marketing Blogs They’ll Want to Eat and You’ll Want to Serve


Nutella® hazelnut/chocolate spread has a taste I love (hazelnut/chocolate), but, alas, the delicious confection is way off my diet.  As an Indianapolis blog content writer, though, I can enjoy the Nutella® slogans and website, ingesting a number of SEO marketing blog tips without exceeding my caloric intake limits.

Nutella® in its earliest form, we learn, was created back in the 1940’s by pastry maker Pietro Ferrero.  During World War II, cocoa was rationed, so Ferrero used hazelnuts, plentiful in his region of northwest Italy to extend the chocolate supply.

1.  Give readers a “history lesson” – Online visitors want to feel you understand their needs, but they want to understand you as well, I explain in when training corporate employees and business owners on how to write a blog. Telling the story of how your company or practice evolved helps create an emotional connection with them.

There are over 50 hazelnuts per 13 ounce jar.
2.   Serve up statistics –   Statistics can help demonstrate the extent of the problem or dilemma your product or service is designed to solve.  In this case, Nutella® is using statistics as a testament to the high quality of the product.

Adding Nutella® to your family’s breakfast can make mornings a whole lot easier…Spread it on multigrain toast or even whole-wheat waffles, add a glass of milk and a serving of fruit……

3.   Offer advice tailored to your target audience. Nutella® is talking to moms who want to serve the right breakfast to their children. The Nutella® website answers questions such as “How should it be stored?” and “How can I tell the freshness of my Nutella® jar?”

In a single day, how much would all the Nutella® made all over the world weigh?” (I had to choose among three multiple choice responses.) The answer: 790 tons, about the weight of 4 blue whales or 99 elephants.

Including quizzes and surveys in a business blog is a great way to engage readers’ attention. (Our curiosity is most intense when we’re testing our own knowledge, so rather than serving up statistics, try to involve readers with questions.) “Do you know which…?  Do you know who…?  Do you know what…?” Learning that Nutella® sells 400 million jars a year isn’t nearly as interesting as finding out that, if you arrange all the jars in a line, it’ll go around the moon four times.

Because it focuses on the end result consumers of the product want to achieve, I see Nutella®’s slogan “For a breakfast they’ll want to eat and you’ll want to serve” as a near-perfect model for those who want to learn blogging for business!


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