For Whom Has Your Business Blog Been Amazing?

In the “Learning Around For Your Blog” series of posts I published this summer, I challenged readers to look for blog marketing ideas everywhere, from bulletin boards to books, from TV and radio shows to magazines, even drawing inspiration from wisdom learned from grandparents.

This week, I dared myself to rise to that challenge. Browsing the shelves at the Glendale branch of the public library, I came upon the latest issue of the Saturday Evening PostMy challenge to myself: create three new Say It For You posts about blog marketing for business, using that magazine as my inspiration.

Starting out, a Royal Jelly advertorial caught my attention. The headline: “This Family Has Discovered Something So Amazing, It Has Influenced Tens of Thousands of People’s Lives!”

Looked at from my vantage point as a business blogging trainer, that long, boastful title is effective only because of its first two words “This family”. 

Had the title read “Amazing Discovery Has Influenced Tens of Thousands of Lives”, it would have been mere hype and hawking. It’s the family aspect that makes the Royal Jelly claim engaging and real, introducing us to two real people:

“Madelaine – Almost 30 years ago, as a young mother with two small children, I found myself physically drained.  Caring for my family was nearly impossible….Then, one day a friend told me about…..”

“Jason – As a young boy, I watched my Mom struggle with her energy level…It was hard for me and my sister Lori – we wanted a Mom like everyone else had – fun and energetic!…”

The lesson here for business bloggers: In blog titles, and in the blog posts themselves, it has to be about a “someone” or about “someones”.  Your products and services can’t be amazing in the abstract. As you blog about what you offer and how, never forget the who.

For whom has your business been amazing?


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