Fun Ways To Get Blogs Cooking

Iron Chef Jose Garces shares his top five tips for getting kids interested in cooking, and every one of those tips, I realized, can be used to spice up business blogs!

1.     Play a game. "Pick an ingredient and see who can come up with the best dish.  Make it interactive and fun."

In a blog post, you can invite readers to share the most unusual use they’ve found for your product or service (perhaps offering some kind of prize for the best entries). Ask readers to share a pet phrase they use relating to what you do.

2.     Take advantage of technologyGarces recommends the new Wii game "Cook or Be Cooked", or watching a cooking show and then trying to make the dishes.

Different blogging software programs have different features and benefits.  Three popular free platforms are Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad.  My own Say It For You blog uses a paid platform, Compendium Blogware.  The main idea is to use existing technology to streamline the process of getting your content published on the web.

3,     Go shopping together"As parents, sometimes we just want to go in and get the shopping done quickly.  Instead, try to make grocery shopping with your kids a priority."

In your business blog, rather than just "sending" online visitors to your shopping cart or catalogue, use your blog posts to highlight specific products or services and show how each can be applied to a specific task or situation.  "Walk" your potential customers down your "grocery aisle" with the specific information you offer.

4.     Strike a deal.   Says Garces, "I struck a deal with Gloria – she has to try one new vegetable a week.  We make them together.  This is a great way to connect with your kid."

Online printable coupons can serve as an incentive to readers to try a new product or service.  Susan Gunelius of suggests writing blog posts about upcoming product releases or sales your business is running.

5.     Aim to inspire.  "If your children see you excited about trying new foods and cooking   
techniques, then you’ll inspire them."

Your blog is your "voice" to potential clients.  For them to get excited, they need to sense
your excitement about what you’re selling and about the services you provide.

It’s amazing how many fresh ingredients are available in today’s supermarket," exclaims the Iron Chef. 

Even more amazing, though, is the sheer volume of information available on the internet today on just about every subject, including yours. As the sales training book  Stop Selling and Do Something Valuable advises, "We have to sell ourselves to potential clients so that they choose to work with us rather than the competition. ..We need to persuade people to act."

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