Getting Downright Personal in Your Business Blog

“People are more important than ever before,” remarks fellow blog content writer Michel Fortin. That’s because, he explains, “The internet is cold and impersonal.”

What Fortin calls “taking the human element out of the sales process” is actually the polar opposite of what freelance blog writers aim to accomplish, and getting personal is a huge element in the success of any SEO marketing blog.

Practical eCommerce’s Paul Chaney agrees. “Blogging,” he says, “consists of one person – or one company – communicating directly with consumers in an unfettered, unfiltered manner….blogs are a more personal form of communication.”

As a corporate blogging trainer, I liked the specific blog Chaney pointed to as a great example of getting personal: “How Differences With Your Spouse Can Make Your Marriage Stronger”, written by publishing company CEO Thomas Hyatt. “It’s that type of transparent self-disclosure that has made Hyatt both a popular blogger and a respected leader," Chaney observes.

If people are to be more important than ever before, that means Indianapolis blog content writers must focus on personal anecdotes and on the personal values of the business owners and the people delivering professional services.
“Be intimate.  Be ego-driven.  Above all, be emotional.” Is Fortin’s advice to online marketers. SEO marketing blogs may be writing about business, but it had better be about people as well, and that includes both online searchers and online blog content writers, both buyers and sellers. The message: You’ve gotta get down and personal!




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