Ghost Bloggers And Tribute Bands: The New Real Things


The Indianapolis Star calls tribute bands “a bunch of fakers”, but adds, “They’re just giving the people what they want.”  Copycat acts are making a big comeback these days, it seems.  Here in Indianapolis where I live, there are dozens of tribute acts, imitating big names from Michael Jackson to Kiss and Guns and Roses. No, you’ll never find me waving my arms in the front row at a rock or hip hop concert, but, as a professional ghost blogger, I’m getting a big kick out of this manifestation of substitution stardom.  Interesting – just a month ago I was weighing in online, along with what seemed like hundreds of others, on the topic of whether Kanye West uses a ghost blogger, and if so, whether and how that matters.


It gets more interesting.  The Star article points to a potential legal issue:  What happens if the tribute acts become so successful they infringe on the business of the original act?  The Star follows up (I love this part!) by explaining that, so far, the famous bands aren’t griping.  “They want us out there,” comments Posin’ (think Poison) guitarist Loki Johanssen. “It keeps their music alive.”  In other words, seats are selling, music is selling – everyone’s happy.


So, if there’s a parallel between tribute bands and professional ghost bloggers, who wants us out there?  Well, Google and friends, for one thing.  Since most business owners do not have both the time to run their business and the time to blog about them, we ghosts are the ones feeding content to the search engines, and content’s exactly what search engines need and love.  Our business owner clients hire us to be out there on their behalf, bringing their message to potential clients and customers. Most of all, the online searchers want us out there, to lead them to the answers, the products, and the services they went online to find.


Right up there with the tribute bands as they continue to fill seats, professional ghost bloggers are driving traffic to websites.  Yeah, tribute bands and professional business bloggers – not just fakin’ it, man – I mean, makin’ it!


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