Going for a Globe or an Oscar in Your Business Blog?

When it comes to the business of honoring those who toil in filmmaking, the two Omain rivals are the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars. Susan Woszczyna of USA Today clarifies the differences between the two.


For the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 93 members aim to recognize excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign. The Academy Awards or Oscars honors cinematic achievements only.  The Oscars are overseen by the nearly 6,000 member Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

One good rule of thumb about business blogging is to narrow down the target audience.  To be an effective marketing tool for your business, your blog must to be the result of a well-planned strategy aimed at a specific segment of the market.
The Globes prefer a party atmosphere, says Woszczyna, and the event takes place in a banquet room at the Beverly Hilton hotel, with dinner and beverages served. The Oscars, by contrast, are held at a movie theater inside a shopping mall and, according to Elena Sheppard of Arts.Mic, are “all business”.

I remember reading an article in Speaker Magazine about the Alice Cooper rock music group who developed their brand around one target audience – kids.  “If the parents hate, the kids will love it” became their motto.  Know your brand and choose everything from the style of your writing to the visuals you use in your business blog based on what “venue” you wish to be associated with.


The Golden Globe awards include television shows in addition to films, and often are drawn to different and more obscure films. The Academy Awards leave TV to the Emmys and (at least in Woszczyna’s opinion) focus primarily on well attended and well recognized movies.

Blogging can have several different purposes, but make no mistake – blogging for business is marketing. The more focused our efforts are, the more successful the blog will be in converting prospects to clients and customers.

Are you going for a Globe or an Oscar in YOUR business blog?

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