High Hopes For Your Blog

Noted sales and business trainer Dan Kennedy likes taking a dare: Hand him any newspaper, he says, and he’ll find something he can use to promote his clients’ products and services.  USA Today writes about the giant meteorites that struck the earth 250 million years ago?

If you’re a house painter:
“100 Million Year Warranty Against Meteorite Damage – free when we paint your house!”

If you’re a real estate agent:
“You don’t have to wait until another great meteorite strikes to find unbelievable real estate opportunities at dirt-cheap prices.”

If you’re a stockbroker:
“Epic disasters can strike your investment portfolio now – not fifty million years from now!”

Frank Sinatra took a similar dare years ago, explains Kennedy, singing to the world about that “little old ant who thought he’d move a rubber tree plant”, proving Sinatra could record any song thrown at him and put that song on the charts.

The point of all this, according to Kennedy, is “there’s no shortage of jumping off point fodder for ads, sales letters, and promotions.“ The daily news is ripe with opportunities and ideas.

Kennedy must have read my mind along with the daily papers.  My answer to the question blogging clients ask “Won’t we run out of new things to write about in our company blog?, based on thousands of blog posts’ worth of experience, is “Read the news!”

In fact, as a professional ghost blogger for business, I can’t think of a better way to ensure blog content is fresh and relevant than by tying it to current events, capturing searchers’ interest and search engine “Brownie points” as well.

Fresh, relevant blog content can turn your high hopes into high ratings!

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